Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day Table

Christmas Brunch is the most traditional meal of our family's year. Traditional foods of daddy's fried oysters, Marshall Fields thin roll pancakes, and other family favorites continue to be served every year. Setting the table with a series of John Grossman salad plates, given to my by my old staff at Marshall Fields, brings a sense of nostalgia to the table. Mis-matched gold rimmed dinner plates are set on top of large Anna Weatherley chargers. The crystal is Bayel and was a beautiful pattern that was discontinued in the 1970's. Lot's of candle light, even though its morning , adds to the magic of the festive meal. Merry Christmas to all from our home to yours! Join us at Tablescape Thursdays to view more festive holiday tables at


cityfarmer said...

I can just see this in my minds' eye ... glimmer and twinkle and beautiful table ware!!

merry merry

Sweet Designs said...

Beautiful glamorus table!

Kim, USA said...

Awesome! Like that glass and the crown ^_^

Tablescape Thursday

Marigene said...

Beautifully elegant the glassware.

Tess said...

Oh my goodness...your table is so beautiful but makes me sad when you speak of Marshall Field's!! I lived in Chicago for 14 wonderful years (my FAVORITE city) and my favorite floor at the State Street store was the 3rd floor...all of that china, silver, crystal, linens!! It was the first place that I saw Lenox "Holiday" and fell in love.

Sorry for rambling, but it is so neat to "meet" someone who is so closely linked to my favorite store! I didn't get Frangos from Macy's this year. Just not the same!

Have a very Happy and Healthy New Year!!