Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Roses

It is February 1st and thoughts turn to Valentine's Day. It is a wonderful reason to get a group of friends together and have a celebration during the dreary winter days. We often associate Valentine's Day with roses. But not only is there the beautiful floral rose, there are many treats made with the rose flavor. Today I am sharing two of my favorites, Vosges rose petal covered chocolates and the famous rose biscuit from the Reims region in France. Maison Fossier has been making these delectable little biscuit treats since 1691. They are delicious dipped in Champagne . They have a wonderful pink color and are beautiful used in desserts. One of the prettiest is a Rose Biscuit lined charlotte mold that is then filled with pistachio ice cream. You can find many more ideas on their website at. The rose covered chocolates are made here in Chicago by Vosges and are dark chocolate. Not overly sweet, they melt in your mouth and leave a nice sweet scent behind. You can purchase them at the Vosges stores or online at Serving these little treats in pretty vessels is an expression of thoughtfulness and love. I love seeing the little pink biscuits peek out of the cherub biscuit box. My friend Marlene gave me the beautiful pastry server for Christmas this year and it's perfect for grabbing the little darlings and placing them straight into a glass of bubbly!

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