Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lake Bluff Fourth of July - The Food, The Parade, The Beach

The Menu

French Fry Bag stamped with Fleur de Lis - used to serve Ham Sliders

Watermelon with Peach Balsamic Vinegar Reduction, Feta and Mint

Vintage Blue and White

Smoked Salmon, Dill and Potato Tart

Berry Shortcake

Jill's Dipped Strawberries in White Chocolate and Citrus Peel - so good!

Crisp Summer Rose served in vintage eagle glasses- so 4th of July!

Lake Bluff Historical Society  with our very own Penny!

Love this one- Lake Bluff Lawn Mower Drill Team

Penney holding her 1882 Birth of the National Prohibition Party in Lake Bluff sign!

Lots of sail boats in the horizon

Laurell, Katha, Christy and Mr. RTH at the beach - 105 degrees and the water felt good!

Lake Bluff Beach

A hot, hot, hot day in Lake Bluff,  but you felt guilty staying inside in the air conditioning.  We had an early brunch for those who wanted to go the annual Lake Bluff parade and cooked hamburgers for the later crowd.  So it was brunch, the parade, going to the lake, cooking hamburgers and enjoying dessert. And just as the day was ending about 5 o'clock , the transformer by our house blew up  and we were without electricity! So to cool off,  we spent the fourth of July night with our feet in cold water foot baths, sitting on the front porch, just like our ancestors did on the Fourth of July probably 100 years ago.!


Libby said...

What a great place to be on the 4th! Sorry about the transformer, but at least it gave you cause to stop and relax after a busy, fun day.

Katha said...

OMG!, I just read the blog! I am so sorry about the loss of power. I guess you didn't have to worry about being outside on the 4th of July after all.
Thanks again for a special afternoon. Your home and the delicacies offered were all beautiful.

Anonymous said...

And I just read the blog! What a great recap of a terrific day! Other than the transformer part, that is.
Were you able to sleep in the heat? We were so happy to be a part of your grand Independence Day tradition! People in Lake Bluff DO have more fun!!!