Monday, January 14, 2013

Old Rhinestones and Vintage Handbags- Endless Possibilities

Yesterday morning, I spent several blissful hours with several friends at a local flea market. It is one of my favorite markets- Grayslake- held every month in the Chicago area.  I always find treasures and yesterday was no exception.  While I love to collect these special treasures, it simply isn't right to put them in a drawer and never enjoy them. So I try to be creative with how I use them.

Without fail, it seems I start a new story or collection during my monthly visit.

Yesterday's vision was a medley of soft pinks and rhinestones- perfect for the upcoming Valentines
Day celebrations.   I adore this soft blushy pink lady's beaded bag.
Adore this old paste rhinestone rose pin.  It will look fabulous on a silk pillow!

Old Cech rhinestone bracelet

Love these soft pink beaded bobeches made by one of the vendors- Suzy Fabulous!
What a great way to re-purpose old beads.

The grey and soft pink beads are so pretty together! And this vintage purse
even is big enough to hold a cell phone.

I love displaying all these new treasures on my statue.

Maybe I should move her up to my dresser so I can enjoy my new eye candy!

Another pair of fabulous bobeches by Suzy Fabulous!

Love all of this together.

another recently acquired bag looks awesome with this grouping.

 Look at the detail on the handle of this little bag- They just don't make them like this anymore.
I like to think of them as "art".  I am thinking of a grouping hung on pretty hooks in a ladies closet or over a dressing table.

Love this pretty little coin bag- also beaded with the same color scheme.

I adore this old bow pin.  Look how pretty it looks on a pillow.

Sterling bracelet found for a song.  I will wear this one!

Old rhinestone button earrings- maybe glued to a box lid or glued on to the fronts of
 plain knobs to dress up a chest.  The possibilities are endless.

A fabulous buckle- spotted by Julie- will look so pretty tied around a pillow with a pretty ribbon.
Or maybe used as a tie back for a taffeta curtain. Be still my heart!
The possibilities are simply endless!


Laurell Banner said...

Everything looks so lovely together. You have such a good eye. I like the way you displayed it all on your statue. We should have professional flee market shoppers to show people what to look for. You would be on the top of the list.

Anonymous said...

The bow pin is a knock-out..Loved how all the gems are displayed on the statue.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Very clever display. My daughter has vintage hats and jewelry displayed in her bedroom, with one evening bag too. It's a fun thing to do with vintage (in our case mostly family) treasures.

Stopping by from The Polohouse.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, just when I am trying to eliminate a few blogs I find you via ThePolohouse.
Hope I win your magnificent book.


Judy Biggerstaff said...

Wow, am I impresses, your blog is fabulous. Visiting from The Polohouse.

Maureen Wright said...

Love your store and now your blog too! Alison at The Polo House sent me here.
Thanks for all the great ideas!