Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tea Pots Re-purposed for Flowers

Many people own silver tea pots, silver tea service sets or simply
 a silver sugar bowl that was most likely given to you as a gift or inherited.
 Lovely to look at , but when was the last time it was actually used to serve tea?
But these silver pieces are beautiful containers and look so pretty filled with flowers. 
 I found myself using them several times over the Holidays as flower containers.
Love these large peonies with the white roses

A couple of tea pots used with a sugar bowl and
placed together on a small table for a bigger statement

Love the center container - it stood on its own.

I particularly love this style of tea pot filled with flowers.

The handle has such interesting details

the same tea pot filled with pink roses and blue hydrangeas

A large sugar bowl filled with flowers- also very useful as a silverware caddy for buffets.
Yes, maybe one day I'll have time to enjoy tea from these beautiful containers,
but for now arranging  my grocery store roses in them, makes me just as content!


Sarah said...

I have a collection of teapots that I use just for this purpose. I like to fill them with flowers for a centerpiece on my dining room table or just to sit around in various spots in the house. Your teapots are gorgeous. ;-)

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

I think that is a great way to display teapots and sugar bowls! Lovely...

Libby said...

Beautiful ideas for using my tea service for a change of season. Right now, I am just enjoying seeing it out on my coffee table. Thanks as always for inspiration.

The enchanted home said...

How gorgeous everything is! You did a spectacular job with these beautiful flowers.....thanks for sharing!

MT said...

So beautiful Susan!

Emily said...

LOVELY! I use silver ice buckets for flowers..but now you have given me a new collectible idea!