Saturday, May 11, 2013

Parisian Hideaway Treasures go to new Homes!

We just finished our Parisian Hideaway event!  Many customers went home with new treasures for their own little castles and cottages!  It was a crazy first day with the hideaway filled with our customers.  Here's the way the store looked when we opened-

 fresh peonies in the foyer compote

gorgeous taffeta drapes


 The ladies salon as we first opened the doors

 I adore these zebra print chairs that my upholstery guy delivered the morning of the opening.

Here's a picture of the same area 2 hours later!

missing many things but still looking good! 
Candy did a great job of continually re working the displays as things sold!

customers were over joyed with their finds!

A large fresh glamelia made by Twigs laying  on the dining table by the Eiffel Tower

candelabras filled the small dining table in the nook by the door.


Vintage clothing and jewelry- very popular place in the hideaway!

The bistro- these two statues went to a new home very early in the day!~


Sold every set of champagne coupes that we had! 

second day for the glamelia- still so beautiful- each petal was separately wired and formed into the large blossom.

Many thanks to our loyal customers that made this event so successful!  We are planning another one for the end of June.  Stay tuned for the dates! 


MT said...

Beyond my wildest imagination! Parisian Hideaway was absolutely AMAZING! I love all of my new treasures! Many thanks Susan -there are no words that adequately describe what you and RTH ladies did to 42 Sherwood-WOW so breathtakingly beautiful every nook and crannies was just so lovely. I loved being there and spending time with all of you. Christy's beautiful face basically says it all-share joy!
Love love loved everything! THANK YOU!!!

Sarah said...

Beautiful! Wish I lived in the area. I'd be there shopping. '-)

The enchanted home said...

WOW! What spectacular have superb taste and I would have gone seriously nuts over there!!

Wonderful!!!! Happy Mothers Day!

Christy said...

Fabulous! A gorgeous store, lovely treasures, and a remarkable staff!

Katha said...

It was a crazy wild fun filled two days! It was so awesome to be a part of it! Love the before and after pictures! Congrats on another amazing accomplishment!!!

Brittany Ruth said...

Wow, great stuff. Would love to shop there!

-Brittany Ruth