Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rhinestone Necklaces from Old Vintage Jewelry Updated

Adoring vintage rhinestone jewelry, I always buy it to use in my crafting projects.  Particularly,
the 1920's and 1930's necklaces are just too small to wear comfortably.  So I found a way to solder several together and make long layering pieces. Lasers are the only soldering method that doesn't seem to melt the metal and rhinestones.  Expensive to get done , but worth it for an end result that looks good and doesn't break apart!

Above are 2 longer necklaces layered together.

This is 4 necklaces and  a bracklet soldered together.

There are no clasps in the backs, just pretty bracelets so that it looks pretty in the back too.

Love the detail on this one. 

This one has a necklace that is designed to be worn to the side.


Love layering them with crystal strands

Three different rhinestone necklaces layered with pearls and crystal strands.

Adore the vintage vibe with with this  burn-out velvet jacket from BHLDN.

Even fun on a t-shirt for a more casual approach!

 I think I will package these little treasures in cello bags with copies of old French documents- love the contrast of the 2 elements.
 Looking closely at this one, you can see a pair of earrings and the 2 necklaces that were used. Additional rhinestone chain was used on the sides to lengthen the piece.

 I think a few dried rose petals are going to have to be dropped in the cello wrapped treasures too!
I love the color contrast!

So I am starting early for the Christmas show in November. It takes a long time to collect  the appropriate pieces that look good together.  I hope to have quite an assortment of these pretty little packages to select from.  I love offering unique gifts for my customers.


Laurell Banner said...

Now I know what you have been doing all week with out me.
Just beautiful. Another craft night in our future.
You are amazing.

Katha said...

Wow Susan, the necklaces turned out beautifully! Such a great idea!

Katha said...

Wow Susan, the necklaces turned out beautifully! Such a great idea!

Julie Andrea said...

This doesn't look like a do-it-yourself project, but they are beautiful. I love how you chose the pieces to put together. I'll have to get your help with all my pieces.