Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Most Beautiful Potager and Pool Area

Just getting back from the gift show in Atlanta and I am full of inspiration for our fall and Christmas shows.  But I loved getting home and seeing how much my garden had grown and it makes me slow down and just enjoy summer a bit!  That made me remember to  share some pictures with you of one of the most beautiful potagers and garden gazebos that I have ever seen! A couple of weeks before we left for Atlanta, I went with Katha and Julie to Barrington to a garden walk.  Unfortunately, when we arrived, a huge rain storm happened.  In spite of that,  I  had to take pictures of this breathtaking garden- so you will notice rain drops on the pictures! Due to the rain the pictures are a bit blurry, but just take a look!
You enter the potager by this vine covered structure- so romantic!

The garden is shaped with a center fountain, with 4 quadrants separated by brick walks surrounding the center.  Faux bois benches are perfectly placed to enjoy the garden.
Beautiful iron spirals are placed for the vegetables  to go on.

Fruit trees are shaped espalier style to form naturals fences in the garden.

 Flowers are grown in the garden along with the vegetables to add color and interest.

 The perfect little gardeners cottage is by the side of the cottage- this one is actually a dog kennel!

 When you leave the potager, you walk through this arched walk of trees and enter the pool area-

Potted plants float on weighted inner tubes in the pool- see the rain drops on the water!

 A magnificent gazebo is located on the side of the pool and exquisitely planted.

Inside the center of the gazebo, a multi tiered planter basket hangs over a pottery fountain.

Notice the urn on the roof line!
I was so impressed with the design of this garden.  It was not overly large- just compactly planted with so many interesting plants in lovely combinations! I was very inspired!


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Wow, I don't even know where to start. This is stunning! Thanks for sharing with us. I love the containers floating in the pool.

I'm sure i'll be back to revisit this post soon!


Emily said...

I was there too! That garden was the best of the trio! But I loved the tree house in the first garden too and the sign over the chicken coop that read " Hot Chicks"

MarmePurl said...

Yes indeed. lots of inspiration from this one. The potted plants in the pool are so clever and fun for a garden party.

Christy said...

Truly gorgeous...the colors were amazing! I agree, the prettiest potager I have ever seen. Loved the flowers floating in the pool!

Katha said...

So good to see that garden again. It was so beautiful that even the rain couldn't spoil walking through it. Loved it. Welcome back! Can't wait to hear about all the goodies!

frenchbourne said...

Ohh, I think that would of been worth a few days in bed. (not feeling well) Love all the trelles work and obelisks. Was going to catch up with you on France now Atlanta to.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! How amazingly beautiful !
One can easily imagine how breath-taking each sight is given by the number of pictures you've posted.

It pales our neighboring Sofiero
greens which we visit every once in a while.