Saturday, July 27, 2013

Glam Kitchen in the City

Yesterday, I spent the day in the city putting the final touches on a kitchen that we have been working on for several months.   The homeowner and client, Reena, and I fluffed and puffed all day and enjoyed seeing all our design choices come together .  From the beginning of this project, Reena, Laurell, and I have worked closely to choose the elements for the kitchen and I think our collaboration has created a gorgeous kitchen for a city apartment!  It's a weekend get-away for Reena's close family and I am thrilled for her!

 A sleek black city kitchen with a table height island creates a glamorous setting.

City glam all the way! 
As we began this project, we started with an apartment that had been previously used as a rental property.  Here's what the kitchen looked like when we started!
 It was definitely a bachelors pad -with 5 lazy boys lined up in front of a large flat screen.  The large island takes up a lot of space. Notice the dead space to the left of the refrigerator- definitely an opportunity for us! And that overhead light has to go!
The original appliances and cabinets-
 Laurell refinished all the cabinets from a reddish wood color to an ebony black with a gold accent on the rope trim detail.
Reena and I chose this cabinet hardware from Studio 41-  we both loved the design and it worked beautifully on the cabinets.

We upgraded the appliances  to black and stainless and chose a black glass cook top to add sleekness to the top of the counter tops.
 We removed the old island and installed an new "table" height island with storage underneath. All of the flooring throughout the  apartment was replaced with ebony wood. Love it! It makes the place look twice as big!

 The island was re-designed into a dining table height- perfect for city dinners.  We placed storage cabinets and drawers under the "table" but left leg room to slide in comfortable dining chairs that will arrive next week!  Building a lower height island was a risky design decision and I knew it!  But I had seen the current trends of using dining tables as islands in kitchens, and decided it was worth the risk!  Reena really wanted a dining table.  It was a good decision- accomplished storage, a dining table, and opened up the kitchen  to make the space seem twice the size! I love the way it looks!  Can't wait to place the comfy dining chairs around it.

A white quartz  top was used to add to the sleek modern feel of the overall design! The lower height makes the  apartment feel twice as big as the original tall bulky island! Yet we didn't lose any storage in the kitchen. I just love it !  It really opened up the kitchen, and filled one of Reena's wishes- to have a dining table.

We chose a Thermodore  refrigeration, that we  paneled with the mirrored doors and made it seem like a glamorous cabinet in the kitchen.  Then in a little nook to the left of  the refrigerator, we were able to build a slim grey  cabinet that will showcase Reena's wonderful glass collection and serve as a bar. It is beautifully lit and looks like a little jewel box at night!  Also, we wanted to add glamorous chandeliers over the "dining table", but the ceiling was a concrete construction, as most are in the city.  So we asked the contractor to lower the  ceiling  with drywall to conceal the casings and wiring for the chandeliers.  This created a cozy romantic area for the kitchen space.

The kitchen opens into the living room where we have used a black and white palette with emerald green and plum accents.  So the large green vase on the center of the island adds a big bold pop of color!

One of my favorite design elements in the kitchen is the stunning black mirror mosaic back splash!
We found this tile on line  and it is perfection in the space. Sexy, reflective and sparkling, it gives the overall city glamour touch that we wanted.   The lighting under the counters, make it sparkle and reflect the colors in the area. You can see the pretty reflection of the bowl of apples behind the stove.

Another wonderful element that Reena found- this fabulous faucet.  It is perfect!
Voila- a true collaboration at it's best!
Next week, we will put the finishing touches on the remaining rooms.   So stay tuned!  It's looking great already!


Katha said...

Stunning! Love it! Very glam and urban. Love the backsplash and lower level island/table. Laurell did a fabulous job on the cabinets. Can't wait to see the rest of it!

Christy said...

The first thing I noticed was the backsplash...,so sparkly and sophisticated. I have always loved the idea of a table in the middle of a kichen instead of the standard island. Really looking forward to seeing more of this perfect city dwelling!

The enchanted home said...

That is quite a makeover...very glamorous indeed!


This kitchen is very amzing! Looks like it came right out of Hollywood...I totally love it! Thanks for your sweet and kind visit. I hope to see more of this son.

Emily said...

Beautifully done Susan and Reena!

Katie Siverson said...

I love the cabinet pulls! Who is the manufacturer?