Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fairies are in the Garden!

This week I had the pleasure of keeping my granddaughter for a few days. She lives in California, so we don't get to see her very often. So this was a real treat! I decided to invite my friend Laurell's little granddaughter, Charlotte,  over to play with Audrey and have a little girls fairy party. Of course, I had to completely spoil her while she was here- that's what grandmothers do!

Early in the morning, I hid garden fairies that I had purchased on-line in the garden.

Dressed in their fairy costumes-Audrey and Charlotte  raced to find the 16 hidden fairies!


Two real little garden fairies having a good time! Audrey trying to be the scary fairy face!
Fairy garden tea sandwiches were enjoyed by the girls- mostly the peanut butter and jelly ones!

And of course a Fairy Dusted cake for dessert topped with edible sugared roses, which they promptly spit out!  Loved the pink icing though!
Audrey and Charlotte! Charlotte is wearing the necklace that she made during the play date!
In our cookbook, Romancing the Home Entertains, we have another version of this party for little girls.  Here are some of the pictures from our book!

A porcelain baby fairy hides in the bowl of peonies!

Pansies and lamb's ear are tied to the napkin.

A compote of blackberries and spring blossoms- a simple centerpiece!

A porcelain fairy from Susan Snodgrass climbs out of a mason jar!
Happy fairy hunting everyone!  It's the perfect time of year to find them!
Our book, Romancing the Home Entertains, can be purchased through paypal by the button on the sidebar of this blog!


MT said...

OMG SO FABULOUSLY ADORABLE! Just like their Grannies! Oh by the way I seriously want to come back as one of your granddaughters ! Love the costumes LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Unknown said...

Absolutely the most adorable fairies in all of Chicago-land. What a special time for them...and probably the grandmother's as well. Memories were definitely made in your backyard that day...I'm sure. Audrey is certainly turning into quite a young lady. And that Charlotte...just want to eat her up!

Lynda Sue

Christy said...

They looked adorable! The cutest fairies ever!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

What a delight! She will never forget this magical event. You are a wonderful grandmother.

Laurell Banner said...

What a fun and adorable afternoon. The girls got along great. I think they will be best of friends. Just like their Grannnies.
Charlotte is still talking about her fun day with Audrey
Thanks, Susan for inviting us.

Tessa~ said...

What a delightful post. Thank you for sharing all these lovely and magical photos, with us.

How lucky is your little "Grand." To have a Nana who does such lovely things, for her.


Katha said...

What a special day! Those two real life fairies are absolutely precious. So happy for all of you that you could spend that time together!

Monica said...

Disney should take note of your fairy tale garden magic!! I loved this post and the girls are beautiful all dressed up. I could see this as a birthday theme for any young mommy with fairy loving daughters out there!!!