Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cool Summer in Chicagoland!

It has been a cool summer in Northern Illinois, preceded by a very rainy spring.  Things are definitely behind.  Last time this year I had a ton of cucumbers, and there are none so far this year. But soon!  However the shrubs and trees are bright green and the hydrangeas are going crazy.

Every year we try to add a different structure or small element to our 150 year old garden. This yard still has hostas, day lilies, and lily of the valley growing from the people that built the original home on this site in the 1860's.   This year we added the gazebo! 

I love sitting under when it is raining and listening to the rain on the metal roof.

View of the back of our home- just imagine that a barn with cows and horses used to stand where I am standing now to snap this shot!  We have replaced it with a garage- however I had to keep the history alive and found this old door for the side entry to the garage.



The roses are pretty this year, although they wish for hotter days.

Nasturtiums, sweet peas and hydrangeas love this weather.
Tomatoes on the vines, but none ripe yet!

                                    Just picking the first of the crookneck squash this week.

The arbor is filled with cherry tomato vines-

Just starting to pick this  week too!

Lettuce is loving this weather - cool they adore.  Second crop is coming in and ready to eat.

The basil also is yearning for a little hot weather, but hanging in there!
Parsley is going crazy!  Rosemary is happy this year too!
I must say, that normally things are starting to look "fried" around here by this time- its August 1st today.  But this year, they still look fresh and green. It inspires to keep planting!
I still need to fill in some parts of the garden this summer- perennials are on sale now at some of our local stores ! But  today I am heading with my friend Christy,  to Monches Farm in Wisconsin to see what I can find.   If you live in the Chicago area, you simply must visit it!


suburban prep said...

quite the contrast from last summer.

Katie Clooney said...

Gorgeous garden! Are you any where near Lake Forest? I went to college there. Also, I have lived in Northbrook and Algonquin. Your blog is great!

Katie Clooney said...

Ooops.. just read your bio and see you live in LF! I'm your newest follower.

Sarah said...

Oh, what a treat to waltz through a summer garden that is awash with pretty color and welcoming gazebo. I'd love to have hydrangeas, sweet peas and nasturtiums to enjoy through the summer, but TX heat fries most things. About we have blooming at present is blue plumbago and yellow bells. ;-)

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Susan,

Haven't been blogging very much lately but I am so glad I got to come by today.
Your garden is stunning and I adore your newest addition, the gazebo! So beautiful!
I also loved seeing the Barrington garden below. My goodness, that is something else. It must have been a treat to be there in person.
Love the arched walkway to the pool -- like a dream!

Hoping you received my emails. I need your input soon!

Happy August!

Emily said...

WOW- your home is lovely! I LOVE the gazebo!!Perfectly placed in your space! I was just speaking about going to Monches Farm this weekend too...great minds think alike! :)

Christy said...

Simply gorgeous....there aren't enough words. The roses, the gazebo, the garage door....all so very pretty!

MT said...

Love it 150 year old garden so romantic!
Love the new Gazebo
And the arbor that Jay loving built for you a fees ago is AMAZING- love the cherry tomato vines
your place makes me miss life in Lake Bluff
Hope Christy behaves herself in WI - LOL!
Have a great day

Katha said...

Susan, the yard and gazebo look so lush and inviting! Just beautiful. Hope you and Christy had a successful trip to Monches Farm and brought home lots of wonderful additions to your garden.