Monday, January 6, 2014

Mother Nature's Snow Icing

Waking up to -14 degrees and a wind chill of -38 degrees is quite interesting.  The wind has been howling all night and big drifts of snow are constantly falling from our tall trees and hitting the roof. As soon as I fall asleep, another "boom" on the roof and I wonder if Santa has forgotten something from Christmas!   We left all the faucets on a slow drip all night in hopes that the pipes in this old 1880's house wouldn't freeze in this unbelievable cold.  But as the morning returned, - with sunshine and no snow for a change after 7 days-, I look through the windows to a surreal winter wonderland.  The wind has creatively drawn ice pictures on the windows. Fine lines of ice form mosaics on the windows.

Looking out the upstairs windows,  ice sickle's completely ice the edges of the roof' like dripping icing from the edge of a wedding cake. Some are over 30 inches long and are quite sharp on the pointy edges.

The old juniper vine arch is perfectly iced with snow

And it looks like Mother Nature left a perfectly shaped scone  on the top of the birdbath.

Each  of the solar powered lights that hang from the arch get a coating of icing too!

The garden angel gets the perfect coating of snow icing- even on both sides and perfectly level!
I couldn't even do that with an offset spatula!

Mounds of icing on the pines by the front door-

And just to top it all off- Mother Nature left a perfectly iced layer cake on the table on  the back terrace .  Perfectly iced, perfectly round, 18 inches tall!  Yes, Mother Nature is truly a glorious being- but who knew she could bake!!!!


Katha said...

Your yard looks just like a winter wonderland. Can't believe you stepped outside to snap that picture of the front porch! That cake looks yummy, Mother Nature left one in my backyard too!

Sarah said...

What an amazing sight. The perfectly iced cake has to be a first. Your winter wonderland is gorgeous. It's cold here in Texas too, but no snow or ice. As pretty as it is, I'm fine just seeing it in photos. '-)
Stay warm!

Lorilee said...

Beautiful photos! Just a bit below freezing here in south Texas tonight.