Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentine's Dinner Party Staging

It is  minus 14 degrees here today- the coldest day I can remember in Chicago.  If my dogs don't want to go outside, I certainly don't either!   So it's a day to start re-staging a few areas in the house. I am having a dinner party  in a couple of weeks for a special group of friends, so I will start to get ready by creating the buffet details in the dining room.  It's going to be a "girly girl" evening- so I think Cinderella and her carriage might be my inspiration!

I gather vintage crowns and candelabra.  I even pull out my stash of old mirror plateaus that have been put away for several years.They will add sparkle when the candles are lit.

My friend Katha and I just found these beautiful antique  champagne coupes. I wash them and place them on a tall gold dessert server.  They will be perfect for the cranberry parfaits.  After the party, they will go to the shop to sell, but until then I will enjoy them with my friends!

A large gold carriage - probably an old advertising piece- is placed in the back of the display and a rectangular plateau is placed in front of it  with more glasses. The metal statues are feminine additions and will hold floral bouquets for the dinner party.

I love the detail on this carriage with it's old green painted curtains. 

                                               Ready for the food, candles  and fresh flowers!

Place one of my handmade tassels on the armoir handle.  Laurell comes tomorrow to start transforming this armoir into a deep grey color with old gold accents!  Can't wait for the change!

Beautifully dried peonies and roses from Christmas are still sitting on the dining table.  Time for a change.  I can't bear to throw the dried flowers out, so I create some smaller dried bouquets for the powder room.

One dried peony sits perfectly on this antique bronze vase!  Starting to look like Valentines Day!

Another Victorian planter is filled with more peonies and roses.

The little vintage cherub comes out of storage for the soap dish in the powder room.

Old French linen towels are laundered today, ironed with lavender water and re-hung on the vintage towel rack. Gosh, they smell good!
While this weather is certainly a character builder, it also is the perfect excuse to stay home and nest.
Light the fires, turn on the music and enjoy the quiet time at home! 


La Vie Quotidienne said... all looks so pretty and so romantic and indeed "girly". Your friends are going to love it.

Sarah said...

Certainly not as cold here as it is in Chicago, but cold enough that all I want to do is stay home and nest. Your girlie touches are gorgeous. I know it will be a fabulous party.

The enchanted home said...

Wow everything is truly breathtakingly for royalty!

Nella Miller said...

You have inspired me to get at those projects brewing in my mind....lovely vignettes everywhere! N.xo

Christy said...

Feminine, girly, romantic.....and inviting! It all looks perfect for those special group of friends! Oh wait, I think I am one of those "friends". I am counting the days!

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Definitely gilded and girly. Everyone will have such a good time.
Goodness, I love Chicago, I even love the cold weather there, but now it's ridiculous! Stay cuddled with the puppies.

Katha said...

Looking good, Girl! Just like I knew it would! Cannot wait! Feel so special to be an invitee!