Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Bound and a Big Case of Decorating Fever

The amount of snow and frigid temperatures in Chicago this season are almost comical!  Never in my thirty years of living here, do I remember a winter this "wintery"! However, a look outside this morning is magical-
The gazebo is frosted with newly fallen snow -
The wooden tree arch is coated in snow.

                                         Another 12 inches overnight on top of the table-

But the prettiest things that  I saw this morning were the perfectly iced kale on the front porch.  Little works of art !

Snow bound again.  The snow is so high that the dogs can't even go out without being completely covered in snow.  The fireplace repairman that was scheduled today, just called and said he was  stuck in a very deep ditch. Laurell, my friend, was coming over to finish an armoir that she painted for me. She called too- roads are too bad to travel.   So home alone ! So what does a girl do when stuck at home ? It is time to start a  decorating project. I have been thinking about changing the colors in my library, so for now I think I will just re-work the accessories and art.
I light a fire in the fireplace. This fireplace was original to the house. This room was previously used as the formal parlour in the late 1800's to 1960.  It has very high ceilings and the original ornate plaster moldings on the walls. 
But today, I will focus on the accessories and art.
I move the Aiden Gray mirror from the powder room entry to over the fireplace. 

I add the boxwood balls to add a light brightness and a natural touch. 

Add height to the gold statue,  by placing him on a stack of black books.  I place the black fishnet sea fan behind him to create textural interest. 

Re-work the book shelves with old books and art.

Laurell and I found this desk at Grayslake Flea Market. It was an ugly 70's finish. Laurell painted it with Annie Sloan's chalk paint and highlighted the details with gold.  It is the perfect size for this space.   I am going to use this room for a bar during the cocktail hour for a party next week.  So I place a silver champagne bucket and silver tray on top. 

Finally take down the old picture and hang a gallery wall of the black and white engravings that I have been collecting.
Iron statue under the cloche with some French letters.

Old writing binders are placed on the top of the desk with some old deeds.

Laurell and I were studying the ceiling yesterday.  I think it is time for a change.  I found this antique mirror tile wallpaper by Cole and Son and think it would be fun on the ceiling.  I still love this lighting fixture that I brought from California. But I think it needs to go to another spot and be replaced with a crystal one. 

The woman I purchased it from, makes the shades from vintage fabrics and trims.

Gold embossed metal cornices top the menswear valences, which hang over the long silk side panels. 
I still love the details of these drapes, but again I am ready for change. Maybe these will be moved to another room too.  I am thinking about   velvet drapes in a deep ebony color  with a dark gold taffeta lining in here.  Need to start working on that! 
 Laurell and I are talking about grey walls with a deeper gold color on the original plaster moldings.
Need to start working on that too! 
This snow is causing all kinds of trouble- not only outside , but inside too!  Being cooped up inside, really makes one closely examine the  details in their home. It is amazing how much money  one can spend without ever leaving the house! My husband is hoping for an early spring!!


suburban prep said...

Yep they kept saying last night that the North and Northwest burbs were going to be spared the majority of it and only have a bout 2-3 inches.. no my husband had to dig his car out of 7 1/2-8 inches and then it took him 1 hour and 15 min to go the 6 miles to work.

The enchanted home said...

Wow if one is to be snowbound, better to be in a home that looks like yours. That desk is AMAZING and I love the crazy is the weather though! I have had my share and then some.....happy decorating.

Laurell Banner said...

Library looks fab. You really got busy. Yes we will have to do that room next. Call you tomorrow.

Katha said...

Love those black and white engravings for the gallery wall. They look smashing as well as the desk set up as a bar. Can't wait for the cocktails! The finished project is going to be something else that is for sure.

Sarah said...

I've been watching the weather news on Chicago. Amazing! The shot of your iced table makes me think of a lovely dessert. '-)