Sunday, April 6, 2014

Inspired Floral Design

Last night, my husband and I hosted a party for his work colleagues.   I ordered the flowers from our local florist, Twigs.   As usual, I was delighted and inspired by her creativity.

Tuscan inspired with lemons, kumquats, figs, tulip magnolias

Fig branches

Love the green and white variegated tulips

a gorgeous ruffled peach rose with kumquats and artichokes was sent by a guest!

Have you ever seen such a ruffled rose before?    Unbelievable!

a beautiful spring wire mesh egg filled with cherry blossom twigs, garden roses and hellebores

Exquisite - I think Twig's work is outstanding.  This should be a wallpaper pattern!
Two weeks ago, I received this arrangement from Twigs from a dear friend and her daughter.
It lasted almost ten days and it dried beautifully.
I just didn't have the heart to throw it away, so I took it apart and saved the dried blossoms.
The rose leaves that fell apart, I used as an accent on the dessert buffet last night!

Most of the roses dried beautifully.  But I was surprised the sweet peas dried so pretty!
So I created this sweet little dried arrangement for the powder room.

This dried sweet pea vase - too too cute.
The rest of the roses were placed in a pile of velvet pumpkins on the kitchen table.
Look at the gorgeous color of these dried roses-  simply too pretty to throw away!

Twigs- such a talented florist that provides high quality florals.  Exceeding my expectations every time,  Twigs is absolutely awesome!


Christy said...

Just gorgeous! The color & vibrancy of the flowers are like an oil painting....sheer perfection!

Mari said...

Just stunning...
Love your velvet pumpkins....
I'm so happy I found your blog it's full of beauty....


Katha said...

Your party, I'm sure, was an enormous success! All the florals are just stunning!

noreen said...

such spectacular creations, you have a talented florist! I love your images, you have a wonderful talent for creating gorgeous vignettes!

noreen said...

what stunning floral designs, i love the vibrancy of your posts!