Monday, March 24, 2014

A Perfect Sunday Afternoon

I adore Sunday afternoons!    It is the one time of the week to relax and have some fun!  
 Yesterday, Christy and Laurell came over  to attempt our fate at making macarons!  I had researched many recipes and tips on the internet and was overwhelmed by the different methods given.  So we decided to try one that my friend Lynda and I had made last spring- which turned out pretty good!  However- these little treats are very temperamental.  We made the batter and piped it on to the silpat mold and then left for a long  afternoon walk while the macarons  hardened a bit ( formed a skin). 
Upon returning, we put them in a 275 degree oven for 24 minutes.  They were lop sided and rough on top and not as big as normal macarons, but delicious!  Laurell made a filling of cream cheese, confectioners sugar and fresh raspberries.  But before filling them, she placed edible gold leaf on the top cookie. 

After Christy researched macarons a bit more on her I Pad,  we are guessing that we didn't mix the almond flour long enough in the food processor.  Plus, we did not rotate the baking pan half way through the baking time. Who knows?  Temperatures for baking them vary from 275 degrees for 24 minutes to 350 degrees for 10 minutes!  This is definitely a trial and error process!

Next was making a simple dinner of Pork Cutlets, yellow beans, and a salad- low calorie for all of us!

We settled into the banquette in the kitchen to eat!
Three hours later - sharing, laughing, planning an upcoming wedding for Christy's son-
dinner was finished!  The perfect Sunday dinner- simple, relaxing and pretty!

Laurell brought her dog- Zoe- who joined in the festivities! 
She supervised the macaron making process and went on the long walk with us!   
There was a small scrap of pork in the package that was cooked just for her! 
She settled herself into the big pile of pillows in the banquette- watching every move with
great interest!

Where's dinner?

The anticipation on a dog's face, when it is about to receive a delicious pork cutlet!

Where's dessert?

                                                                Yes- it was a perfect Sunday afternoon.


Christy said...

It really was a perfect Sunday! Good conversations, creating in a gorgeous kitchen, then sitting down to a delicious meal! The day flew by....can't believe we were there for nearly 9 hours. The macarons were delish....and most of them looked almost as pretty as the picture on the magazine. I say rotating while baking is the key!

Laurell Banner said...

Such a wonderful day with so many attractions. The macaroons were yummy and fun to make. Dinner excellent. Zoe loved being with the girls and having her own seat at the table. Thank you Susan for a great day.

MT said...

It looks like a perfect Sunday afternoon o
The macaroons look so very beautiful! Seriously how precious is lucky Miss Zoe

Sarah said...

A friend gave me a macaroon cookbook, but I've yet to try to make any. Sounds like a fun thing to do with friends, and your table setting is gorgeous.

Katha said...

What a fun filled day for you all! Zoe was a very lucky dog that day. Those macaroons look pretty professional to me ;)

Jennelise said...

Beautiful! I love macarons and I love your blog :) I am your newest follower!