Saturday, August 16, 2014

Birthday Wraps for my Friend done Parisian Glam Style

Sometimes, it is more fun to wrap the present than to choose the present! 
  This year, I decided to go Parisian Glam for my friend, Lynda's gifts. 

Rose motif ribbon holds the top on a silver and black zebra printed box.

This gift tag was given a black background and stamped in gold.  A feather trim was added to the bottom.  Hand dyed French seam binding ties the tag to the package.

Gold jewels were glued on the center of each of the gold dots.

The French seam binding was hand dyed in black dye. Then I used a 14 kt gold leaf pen to add streaks of gold on the ribbon.

A gold crown is stamped and a beaded trim is added to the side.

Tag has a silver background with a gold embossed urn.

A hatbox is embellished with fun Parisian glam!

Now I wonder what's inside of that????


Christy said...

Stupendous! How could the gifts inside be any better than the outside decor? Lynda Sue must have been like a kid in a candy store! FABULOUS!

Laurell Banner said...

She is one lucky girl. I would never want to open them. Just beautiful!

Katha said...

Lucky Lynda Sue! Oh so very pretty!