Monday, August 25, 2014

Ombre Pink Flowers- Gorgeous at Chicago Wedding

This past weekend, my husband and I attended the wedding of our friends' daughter.  It was held in the beautiful Waldorf Astoria in Chicago.   Rows of ombre toned pink flowers lined the ceremony aisles and the tables for dinner.
Such a stunning room- adore those birdcage chandeliers.

 A mossed frame was pinned with an ombre collage of fresh flowers
as the backdrop for the ceremony.
 Shades of pink from barely pink to deep coral were arranged in mirrored containers and placed on box wood hedges.  White candles reflected in the mirror adding a soft glow to the entire ceremony.
Petals were laid on the mirror surface to reflect the colors of the arranged flowers.

Guests entered the room through sheer white flowing curtains
 that were held back with a bouquet of roses.

While the bride was stunning in a beaded Gatsby inspired gown,  the bridesmaids wore blue dresses and carried bouquets of blush David Austin  roses and anemones with their contrasting black centers.

Mirrored dining tables were set with white china and a lush row of the ombre arranged flowers.

Napkins were folded with the menu tucked inside.

A white comfy lounge area was set up for relaxing in the corner, while some guests enjoyed the adjoining outside terrace in the nice Chicago summer evening.

A simple white cake was decorated with more fresh flowers and
placed in front of the mossed floral display.

It was a gorgeous, romantic evening , softly lit with candlelight and 
many warm wishes for the bride and groom.


Christy said...

So soft, pretty and elegant!

frenchbourne said...

How beautiful was that! Wow! So stunning and elegant. I'm sure even Jay got goose bumps :-)