Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Containers

It's that time of year!  Time to switch out all the summer annuals for fall mums.  While the annuals aren't really ready to go, they have lost their perky summer personalities.  Time for them to say good-bye until next summer!

After living here for over 30 years, I have just been told of a fabulous nursery in Grayslake called Mini Earth.  How have I missed it?  I made a trip out last week to gather some fall plants for my front and back door pots.

Some of the summer plants just don't want to leave yet- the trumpet vines and the ferns.

But the summer impatiens are replaced with mums, kale and purple peppers.  The maiden hair fern is still doing well, so I keep it and mix it with the peppers and kale.  Mini Earth was also growing this tall black waxy leaf plant- perfect for adding height to the container.

Kale is tucked in the maidenhair fern pot with the summer coleus.
  I like the contrast of colors together.

 Next to the back door.  I decided to use the vintage olive baskets that I purchased in North Carolina this summer.   The potted mums fit perfectly in them.

The little statue holds the perfect gourd that I selected for it's curly stem from Mini Earth.

Another gourd is tucked into the pot with kale and peppers.

Another container is freshened up with kale.

My old broken angel- who has lost her arms repeatedly in Lake Bluff wind storms- is
gussied up a bit. I hide those broken arms by tying a pot of kale into her midriff.
She's good to go for another fall season!

A green pumpkin is placed in the arrangement to add the final touch.
I do love Lake Bluff in the fall. But my husband and I just spent a couple of days on our new property
in the Asheville area, working with the architect who will design our home. 
The natural beauty of the area is breath taking.

  While our property is on the river, a short drive up the mountain to 4100 feet, gives us these 360 degree views. On this trip, we finally had the time to drive up there.
 Yesterday morning, clouds hung low in the mountains and the air was crisp.
The leaves were just starting to turn. One can only imagine this scene in a couple of weeks.

 I leave you with this majestic view.  Nothing but the sound of wind and birds-

 Happy Fall!


Sarah said...

A little piece of heaven! Makes me want to move to NC.
Love your fall touches in your wonderful containers. I'm just back from two weeks in France and ready to tackle the fall switch over with my garden containers. Thanks for the inspiration!

Christy said...

Gorgeous, breathtaking view! Intoxicating!

Katha said...

Love your Fall arrangements! The views of your property take my breath away!

Laurell Banner said...

The angel girls are looking good due to there little face lifts. Just beautiful.
So glad you and Jay got the opportunity to explore your new area. It looks magical.

frenchbourne said...

...the only reason we are letting you go! The find of all finds :-)