Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Touches for a Fall Dinner Table

I needed a little inspirations for a fall dinner table.  It all started when I went into a new store in Lake Bluff- Vintage Re-Imagined.  Spotting two small baskets with handles, I asked the store owner about them.  She informed me that they were carrying baskets for your glass as you went to drink the healing waters from a natural hot spring in France around the turn of the century. Well, I couldn't resist them!

  Purchasing them, I went next door to Twigs- our fabulous local florist- and asked them to design a small arrangement in one for my dinner table .  While I went to the grocery store to get the items I needed for dinner, Twigs created their usual floral magic!

The small arrangement was tucked inside cellophane and tied with a pretty ribbon.
I love peaking through that shiny cellophane at the flowers. 

 Unwrapped, the petite arrangement is packed with tulips, berries, ranaculus.  And if that isn't enough to delight your senses, a rhinestone covered velvet pumpkin is found in a bed of moss in the lid to the basket.  Has there ever been anything so sweetly designed?  I think not!

 One of my favorite household duties- I set the table with cream Juliska plates, over-sized linen napkins and silver and antler flatware!  

The table needs a little sparkle, so I add crystal wine glasses to the mix.

The Twigs arrangement  is placed in a compote to elevate it above the tray of larger velvet pumpkins.
Moss was tucked in  to fill in the gaps.

We all piled in to the kitchen banquette to enjoy candlelight, conversation  and
a simple fall dinner of Chicken Caprese,  Italian Green beans and a bottle of good red wine. Dessert followed- Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.
Here's the recipe for the Apple Dumplings.
Try it- it's fun and it's good!


Laurell Banner said...

Best dinner ever. Beautiful surroundings and good friends. What more could a girl ask for.

Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

OMG...that sweet, little pumpkin with rhinestones...I would be over the moon if a florist had added that to my arrangement! What a precious, perfect touch to the beautiful arrangement. Your centerpiece was lovely, as was your table, and your flatware is not only perfect for the table, but beautiful as well! Happy to have seen this post!

frenchbourne said...

Beautiful job! The spa glass was special enough...of course you took it over the top...well done.