Tuesday, April 21, 2015

50 Shades of Lavender

My friend, Katha and I went shopping last Friday and it was very apparent that soft purples and lilacs are very trendy right now!  From a handbag in the Burberry window to a cast iron skillet in the Le Creuset store, shades of purple were the rage.  But the most glorious shade of purple was the magnificent magnolia tree that was in full bloom in Katha's yard.   I was treated to a magnolia tree branch to take home and enjoy! 

 This is a very hard choice- but I think the darker one is for me.  Makes you want to cook, doesn't it?

Attending the Chicago Botanic Garden and Antique Show last week, we spotted this
lavender shade in KEW pottery from the Royal Botanic Gardens in London.
Imagine  these filled with lavender!

I am noticing many rooms with shades of lavender.

I love when lavender is used as the only color in a neutral room.

Anthropologie's tufted lavender settee- adorable.

Bella Notte- mixing various shades of lavender, pinks and purples.

A masterful mix of colors to create this bed.

Shades of lavender - a great mixture of plates. 

A lavender wedding gown!

Beautiful wedding gowns by Samuelle with hints of lavender.
Walking thru Joanne's fabrics on Saturday, I spotted this romantic bolt of crushed antique tulle
with just a hint of lavender to it's color and I could not resist it! 

Placing the fresh magnolia branches on the tulle enhanced the soft pale color of the tulle.

Should I make curtains- so airy when flowing from open windows!

Or a ruffled tableskirt-  maybe cover a dressing table-

( Off  the subject, but another fabulous find at Joannes Fabrics .  Embroidered and sequined fabric by
David Tutera. and only $39.99 a yard.   It will make a gorgeous tablecloth.)
Oh the possibilities for this fabric are endless! 

 New paint  shades of lavenders- love the names- Fig Preserves, Duchess Lilac, Opera

I think Mother Nature provides the best color inspiration. 
 Imagine a bedroom in the colors of this magnolia blossom.


Rosemary and Thyme said...

Oh be still my heart. What gorgeous photos. I love lavender. It is a color I use in our home frequently. From tabletop, paint, home decor and stationary. It is a color that always makes be very happy. I also frequent Joanne's Fabrics but I have not spotted lavender tulle. But I will certainly keep an eye on it. Love the Burberry bag and cookware.

It is funny, but I just did a post on my blog using lavender shades.

Have a blessed week.


Katha said...

Your creativity continues to take my breath away. That one picture of the lavender gown looks like Fairytale Farm and the magnolia branch in all its glory....maybe a laundry room shade??? Had such a nice time shopping with you. It was good to be together.

Laurell Banner said...

So pretty and feminine.