Friday, June 5, 2015

Antique Collections- Acquiring and Relinquishing - Really?

I have collected so many wonderful antiques through out the past 40 years.  It is my very  favorite hobby and even though I need absolutely  nothing, I continue  the hunt!   Many of you can  totally relate to what I am saying!   I call it my "editing phase"-  find something more wonderful, get rid of something less wonderful!!!  Visiting new towns is extremely exciting, because new antique stores are virgin territory for me!    While in Greenville, SC and Hendersonville, NC last week,  I scored several fabulous finds-

Hendersonville, NC has some great antique shops.  I spotted  this silver lazy Susan in the window of a shop on Main Street while walking to a restaurant.   The store was closing, but the ladies kindly informed us that they would open at 10 am the next morning.   Trust me- I was there waiting for them to open at 10 am!  And after a non stressful negotiation of price with its owner, the lazy Susan was going now  home with it's namesake!  Happy, happy me!  

It has 4 vegetable dishes, 4 sauce dishes, 4 salt and peppers and a soup tureen, all part of a spinning
silver platform that can be filled with hot water to keep things warm.  I love the more organic handles.

This will make a great centerpiece and will be so much fun to fill with different seasonal items.

Peach season is here and the first roses started to bloom, so they got the honor of being the first
participants in my new centerpiece.  Fall might just be apples and cinnamon sticks- fun to plan!
And maybe I will even serve food from it-  an elegant way to serve chili and all it's toppings!

The day before, my girlfriend, Linda Lee, had spotted this alencon lace tablecloth from Paris.  It was still folded, pressed and had the original tags on it.  I was shocked that she didn't grab it! After all, she had just scored a fabulous pair of oversized vintage Ralph Lauren candlesticks in another store!

 After dreaming about that "gem of a find" overnight, I knew I had to go back and get it!  Arriving back at the store, I started digging through piles of linens to find it and thought it was gone.  Finally, a sweet lady came over to help me and found it tucked away!   It was mine to buy!

Greenville, SC has great shops too!  Happily finding one open early  on Memorial Day Monday morning,  I found this ornate silver champagne bucket and  couldn't resist! It still has the liner for the ice.
Getting back to Chicago,  peonies are just starting to bloom
and I couldn't wait to use my silver cooler.
So now for my rule following-  what do I get rid of????  Can't think of anything right now!
I am much better at  the Acquiring part  than the Relinquishing part.


LostRoses said...

Great finds! The Alencon lace tablecloth is as beautiful as a bridal veil!

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Oh my, you were so lucky to find such amazing and unique treasures. I have never seen a lazy susan
like that one. It is spectacular. It will certainly be the topic of conversation once place on your table. I also love that delicate French tablecloth. What a gorgeous piece. I would love to go antiquiting with you someday, you sure have an eye for beauty.

Enjoy your peonies. Mine are done for the season. Now it is time for my roses. Stop by to see my pics of my peonies.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


Sarah said...

Wonderful finds! I've never seen a silver lazy Susan. It's a fabulous piece!
Like you, I'm much better at acquiring than relinquishing. ;-)

Jennelise said...

Gorgeous find! I love alencon lace - one of my favourites!

Laurell Banner said...

Everything cleaned up well and looks fabulous. They are sure to have a place of honor in your new home.
Loved that little town Henderson. Good Antiquing. Such a perfect weekend beautiful wedding and great shopping.
Love the South.

Elaine Cariglio said...

Beautiful! I never know if I'm getting a good deal or not. Do you have a rule of thumb or do you buy because you love it? I Love the lazy Susan! I think because its silver and I love, love polishing it all! lol
Blessings My Friend,

Christy said...

Don't get rid of anything. Just keep acquiring! Your knack for finding treasures cease to amaze! Love the Lazy Susan, so unusual. The ice bucket will await us all in our new quarters near the river!