Monday, June 15, 2015

Where Did All My "Stuff" Go?

The day is here.  Time to pack up 31 years of memories and treasures.  Professional packers are here and somewhat astounded that this much "stuff"  could actually fit within the confines of this old house without exploding.

Packing up your "stuff" is very emotional.  It is traveling down memory lane- where did that come from, who gave it to me, it was my mom's, who I was with when I spotted that incredible treasure. And the tears flow easily.
It's like saying good bye to an old friend that's going away for a year and a half.  You will not be able to chat for a while as they are in a far away, unreachable place. For my stuff, it's the storage facility of North American Van lines. Certainly, not the most exciting place to visit!

So I take a few last pictures of my "Stuff". Kind of a bon voyage celebration with only me and my stuff at the party!!!   I can stare at the pictures  during the next 18 months and try to remember their little faces and plan their homecoming to their new home in North Carolina.

My very favorite amphora pottery collection.

You guys had better behave yourself and return to me safely.

Lots of sparkly stuff-  I will miss you.

And I just got this horn handle trophy back from the silver plating company.. We didn't have a lot of time together, but I promise you a great time in North Carolina. You will just have to wait a year and a half.

Meanwhile, the other barware will keep you company in a big old  Dish Pack box.
It's certainly not the Ritz Carlton, but it will have to do!

Antique Venetian glasses question my decision to send them away in a box. 
At least put us in a special box.

 Threatening to tarnish while away,  silver goblets are not happy about the trip.

My most special goblets- not replaceable.  I must have a special talk with the packers. 
 These little babies require special attention.

And let's not forget the glasses that I made my husband "hand carry" back from Venice, while we
ran through the Paris airport to catch a plane.  One can only guess the words that were exchanged between us as we pushed to the front of the security line with our 8 boxes of fragile glasses.
Our connecting flight from Venice was late and we were about to miss our flight back to the states.

And one of my newest obsessions- Palais by Bayel.  Discontinued in the 70's.

Special pillows, fur throws, - how am I going to survive without you?

And then there's my collection of vintage dresses and handbags. Not that I could even
fit an arm in them, I like to stare at them and imagine myself actually fitting in one.
Good bye my loves.

And now time to dismantle my jewelry cabinet.

Filled with vintage jewelry, flowers, powder dolls and compacts.  Can't wait til we meet again!

 Old books from Paris, decanters from Scott's and a mask from Venice. One of my favorite pictures of my mom and dad on the beach.  Time to tuck you all away.

And now to my great  horror, I look out the window and see the party crashers arriving!

Just how many of them came?

Not one, not two, not three of them.  Oh yeah baby- four big semi's here to collect my stuff!

130 Dish Packs later- probably a world record according to my packers.

 Box by box,  chair by chair,  my stuff was sent into  the protective custody of another person.
All 31,000 pounds of it! 

All that is left is what is being sold at the upcoming house sale.

So the party is over. 
Empty shelves and mantels- what a disgraceful scene!

Only the whispers of 31 years of wonderful memories remain. 
It will be weird living here for the next few  weeks without my stuff.  The walls echo sounds so easily without any "stuff". 
But then again, it's a blank canvas for the new owners to fill with their "stuff".
 I can't wait to see what they do with the place.  Change is good. 


Julie Andrea said...

In the words of one of my favorite people, "Lordy, Lordy". Thanks for the trip down memory lane, even though it was a very tearful one. I'm not sure if I'm crying because you're leaving, or because I feel like one of your treasures being left behind. You truly have always made all your friends feel very special. Thank God we don't have to say goodbye quite yet, and of course, those guest rooms will be filled.
It's been a TRIP. Love you.

Christy said...

Now this is a sad post but also an endearing one because a new canvas awaits all your carefully packed treasures. Leaving a home is like leaving an old comfortable friend with memories seeping out of the windows! The soul of your home has been lovingly crafted over time but to say goodbye tugs at your heartstrings., But you have to remember that you just lost the vessel, not the memories. Now you are building a new place to hold them!

Laurell Banner said...

Loved the trip down memory lane. Your house probably feels naked with all it's treasures gone. But alas they will love there new home I am sure.
So glad you are staying a little longer with us, we will have to do something exciting and fun before your departure to the south.
I know it is a hard time in your life saying goodbye to your beautiful home you have made however you have an exciting adventure in front of you. You will always have your Fairytale Farm girls at your beckon call when ever you are feeling down.

Katha said...

What a beautiful post, Susan!The tears are flowing, not much to add to what the girls have already said. However the memories of the times spent within the walls of your beautiful home will remain with me forever! Can 't wait to make new memories with my fellow Farmettes in your gorgeous new home! Love you lots! So happy for you and Jay!

Emily said...


It is difficult to believe that the day is here! I wish you all the best in your new home in made the North Shore a prettier place while you were here!!

Mariterese said...

Oh Susan! I am just know reading this and getting teary eyed! there are no words that adequately express my gratitude to you for all of your amazing fabulousness-wherever I look or any table I set I see you! Thank you for everything! See you in July ! Much love to you! And the Best is yet to come!!! XO Mariterese

Margaret said...

Hi, I found your blog today and I am awestruck at the beautiful things you have. We live in a small semi-detached house by the sea in England but I am positive I can take inspiration and adapt some of your fabulous ideas. (when I say a small house, I really mean it, it would probably fit inside your new garage with room to spare lol).

Elaine Cariglio said...

You have beautiful treasures!
We are thinking of moving to Raleigh, NC in a few months! It is always difficult but such fun to move. I love to see which room my treasures will end up. How I will display them and how long will it be before I decide if they will stay in the original spot. Good Luck and Blessings My Friend,

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Oh my, you have an amazing collection. So many amazing and unique treasures. I can just imagine how much you love each one of them. I feel your sadness from here but new memories and adventures await.

Blessings sweet friend.