Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Art of Editing Your Home

My friend, Linda D. has this incredible eye for design.  Some how, she has the ability to scout out the most beautiful treasures in all of Chicagoland and I just get green with envy.   Today, I finally got the chance to see the new condo that she and her husband have been renovating for the past 3 months.
She has taken a more edited approach with her decorating style and I have to say- " it really makes her treasures take center stage". 

White, light and carefully edited accessories make this home seem spacious and grand.

I want to share some of Linda's decorating decisions that made this home  spacious and elegant.

A single architectural element - in this case a large antique column- a definite statement - sets the tone for the home when you enter the front door. Add a killer chandelier and you have achieved a simply elegant entry.

A very tall antique door on the stair landing adds drama and depth to the staircase.

Drop a chandelier in front of a mirrored door and get double the reflection.

Enter the living room.  Whites and creams against a new dark wood floor are very elegant. 
 Minimal furnishings keep it light and airy
Carefully selected accessories -  A Jewelry catalogue  - bound in metal and linen- from a Paris atelier and a wonderful crown placed on top.

Be still my heart-  wonderful antique French doors are used as art on the walls.

And the leopard throw adds contrast to the otherwise white room.

Mirrored chests add storage, but give the illusion of more space.

Shell encrusted urns on top of columns flank the lower level fireplace.
Simply gorgeous.  Again, large, important and makes a statement.

And now for the kitchen!

In keeping with current trend and wanting to make the small space seem larger, Linda chose  quartzite for the counter tops and back splash and walls.  Stunning! 
 In this color, it gives the illusion of white marble, but a much more durable choice for a kitchen.

Rather than choosing another material for the back splash, she continued with the quartzite.
This makes the space seem more modern and less cluttered.
She placed the quartzite on the ends of the counters for a sleeker  look.  This technique , called a waterfall,  is very trendy right now and adds to the modern appeal.

Stainless steel shelves from Restaurant Depot provided storage and display for some of her
most beautiful treasures.  I love this contrast of elements- modern sleek stainless steel with antique silver and crystal. 

An ivory table and chairs sit on the other side of the island and are accompanied by the antique French chandelier and etched bottles.

One day I am going to steal those silver cups!!!

White Astier de Villante pottery , glass and silver.  A very  pretty collection of culinary treats.

Love the clean look of the wall with the quartzite.
In the dining area, a French menu board waits to be filled with more paper treasures.

In the baths, she chose floating vanities and wall hung toilets to give the impression of more space.

Notice the full slabs of marble on the walls!  Not really!  This material is actually a
man made porcelain!  Absolutely beautiful.

The wall mounted faucet also provides more counter space for bathroom essentials.

The Kohler marble sink finishes the modern powder room.

The master bedroom - create the illusion of height with a headboard that reaches the ceiling.
Drama, drama, drama!!  And that stunning chandelier hung low over the bed- what a piece of art.

And my biggest surprise ever- this incredible mirrored closet system from IKEA covering the entire wall opposite the bed.  I was stunned by the beauty and functionality that it added to the room.
Plus the mirrored doors added light and space to the room.

Pull out drawers for scarves and handbags and metal pegs for jewelry-  Wow!

These units can be customized for your individual needs.   Rods, bins, whatever you wish!

In the master bath- more quartzite counter tops and a rectangular chandelier over the sink.
A single hole faucet - taking less space on the counter.

And another room still in progress- Linda's office.  But my heart stopped beating when I spotted this beautiful white porcelain piece on the shelf with her books. 
See what I mean?  She finds the best things!
Yes, my dear Linda Lee, you have done it again!  I can't wait to see all the finished details, but I felt as though I went to Paris today.  I visited a modern  apartment on the left bank..  Job well done!


Christy said...

Gorgeous! I saw her home before she moved in and I can't believe the stunning outcome. Now I want to edit my own home. The closet is amazing. The!

frenchbourne said...

Thank you so much for letting me see through a different set of eyes. After all the work I kept thinking of what has to be done and not appreciating what has been done. We know there is a lot of work yet to be done but through your lens and eye no one would never known. Everyone should know you just left a little while ago and just did this "magazine photo shoot"....unbelievable!!! YOU really are amazing! Oh and it has not been easy to edit. This has helped me stay focused. Thank you for all your inspiration and your wonderful finds....I learned from the best. xo

Mari said...

Yes I agree job well done, it's absolutely stunning....


Laurell Banner said...

Such wonderful treasures you have Linda, all placed perfectly.
Loved the new drapes In the living room. Ha!
Great job Susan. Your photography is amazing.

Katha said...

So impressive! So beautiful! What an "eye"! Absolutely LOVE it!