Thursday, July 30, 2015

Culinary Finds from France

After packing up all my stuff and putting it into storage,  I find myself longing for pretty things.  I know I am in the "rental" while we build our dream house, but does it have to be so dull?  I desperately need a "fix" of French antiques, so I sit down at my computer to check out the offerings of  my favorite French dealers.  Forty five  minutes later, I felt as though I had been at the flea market in the French countryside and was bringing home my finds.  Yes, I felt much better! 
Five days later, my treasures from France arrived.  Time for a celebration!
There's always that little question lingering in your mind----do they look as good in person as they do on the internet site?? 
And I am happy to report, that they did!!!

A fabulous wood and brass champagne bucket!  
It makes those 3 for $12 roses from the grocery store look like a million bucks!

A set of 12 sterling dinner knives with the most beautiful monogrammed handle.

I love the  big and ornate  handles .

A beautiful monogram on the other side.

 A heavy copper saucepan from the kitchen of a famous hotel on the coast in France.

Several red and white tea towels with monograms.  Perfect to use as napkins.

A set of 6 oversized dinner forks with another beautiful monogram.  They were monogrammed also in the same letters as the towels-  RB!   And they came from a different town in France.
What are the chances of that happening? 

Prettier on the back than on the front of the fork.

And just to keep that French thing going---- while in the city on Monday, I picked up a couple more pieces of Astier de Villatte, a beautiful hand formed French pottery.

I love the random shape of this  sweet bowl.

Also arriving this week from one of our European vendors, four silver plate domes from France!

I am not sure why I like the French culinary antiques so much.  They seem to be carefully crafted and the designs are simply beautiful to look at everyday.  Somehow, that slice of toast in the morning, just tastes better when served under that silver dome and buttered with an ornate French knife!!!!!


Mari said...

Such beautiful items, I love the domes......


frenchbourne said...

I would say you hit the jackpot on those knives. Gorgeous!!!

Katha said...

And all those lovelies will go in which moving van? Shop till you drop Girl! All so pretty!

Janet said...

You need to be surrounded by all your treasures dear friend. The things that fill your soul and heart with happiness.

Your retail therapy paid off. Those new found pieces are stunning. I love the flatware and the copper pots. Great finds.

Happy Sunday.