Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Fabulous Restoration Hardware Store in Chicago

What a treat for the eyes!  It is so refreshing to see a retailer take risks today. Congratulations Restoration Hardware.  This retail concept  makes retail an exciting business again. The new store in Chicago features the first sit down restaurant in their new concept stores, along with the introduction of the  first modern furniture floor .

The beautiful old historic building that was saved from ruin by Restoration Hardware. It was  once home to an art school for budding female artists.


 The entry with the aged mirror inside the arches with the grand chandelier reflecting in the glass.


Beautiful old zinc  window elements forming a mirror over the modern sofa.

 Lots of oversized coffee tables with simple accessories.

Lot's  of oversized mirrors with great impact.

Gracious old stone fireplace filled with burning candles- so romantic.

A series of three halo chandeliers- stunning.
I was so inspired that I ordered one of these promptly upon returning home!

Over sized accessories for the oversized coffee tables.

I am in love with this new honed marble dining room table. 


A bath on the modern floor.

 What a cool concept for kids.

The view from the second floor into the beautiful restaurant.

 Restaurants ceiling- even on a gloomy Chicago day- it is pretty!



The wine bar banquette- wow!

Notice the large slab of rock on the steel trestle- used as a wine bar.

And by the way- the food was divine!

The beautiful coffee bar with it's aged mirror backdrop and brass towers
 full of hotel silver and crystal..

Gray walls, white marble and brass accents- pure magic!
If you live in Chicago, this is a must see!  There's valet parking right in front of the store, so there's no hassle with finding parking on the street.  Plan on spending some quality time enjoying the wonderful architecture of this wonderful old building and for sure- have lunch in the amazing restaurant!   You will walk out inspired and refreshed from this shopping experience.


Anonymous said...

We own a condo across the street from the Three Arts Club. It has been a LONG and horrible ride for our neighborhood, but thr building looks beautiful. It was suppose to become the Soho House, but we all were dismayed with the idea of a pool being installed on the rooftop (especially the owner next door that owns a multi million dollar home). Then, a company wanted to turn the building into a place for urns filled with ashes! Such a beautiful building, and very much for the living, not the dead. Thankfully, our association was able to get that plan killed (no pun intended). We are hopeful that RH will continue to be a good and respectful neighbor.

Laurell Banner said...

This looks amazing. I will have to get down there.

Christy said...

My new favorite place to eat in the city,,,,,,,you just don't want the meal to end. The vibe and ambience is so appealing that it makes you want to linger and linger. Gorgeous store......magnificent chandeliers and mirrors!!!

Katha said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing. It certainly is stunning Love the warmth of the brick with it all.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Can't wait to see it!
Looks amazing, Susan!

frenchbourne said...

This place is so yummy. No one has captured it like you have...even Restoration Hardware...they should hire you!

Stellastarkat said...

I am designing my home to include a central atrium and when I found some pics of this RH store, I was obsessed and hope to plan a trip to visit from Australia very soon.
Of all the pics on the net inc Pinterest etc, your pics are the most varied and detailed I have found so thank you for your post. Much appreciated and will go to be dreaming of RH tonight..