Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall Color and Inspiration from Twigs

Walking  to my favorite florist shop on Saturday, Twigs in Lake Bluff, was a great way
 to enjoy the crisp sunny fall day!
I wanted  a floral bouquet to enjoy for the week.

Erin and Laurell quickly selected the perfect bouquet for me and arranged it while I waited.

 Chocolate cosmos, rose hips and this incredible new rose- that had just been received from Holland.

Returning home, I placed the bouquet  in an old crock and lit my favorite fall candle of cinnamon and apples.

 I tucked in a plume  of tiny black and white feathers to give it more fall charm.

Such a unique stunning rose- the Flash Eye- directly flown in from Holland.

Time to get out a few velvet pumpkins to enjoy too!  Twigs had just received a new shipment and had the perfect leopard velvet pumpkin to add to my collection.

They have tons of great fall colors and some are beautifully embellished with crystals.

 A simple silver bowl full of velvet pumpkins, a scented candle and fall flowers-
fall is here!


Mari said...

Love your velvet pumpkins, those new roses are to die for gorgeous.....


Laurell Banner said...

I love how you caught the true beauty of the flowers in your photos.
That rose is amazing. Twigs always has something unusual and beautiful in the cooler.
Thanks for stopping by with Harry on your walk.

Katha said...

Oh my, those flowers are amazing! Those roses are something else for sure. What a beautiful arrangement and I love the leopard pumpkin!
Beautiful photography!