Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dinner Party Farewell

I am the luckiest girl to have such wonderful friends! Last Saturday night, my friends got together to host a dinner party to celebrate my move to the Carolina's.   A lot of fun was had with the decorations- lots of country humor about my relocation to rural Madison county , north of Asheville, NC.   There's a saying about the county- "if you shake a tree, a guy with a banjo will fall out of it"!

Right by the front door was a guy with a "banjo" in the tree!!!
Appropriately dressed in a plaid shirt, suspenders, cowboy boots and blue jeans!

 A little more "off the grid" humor at the front door!  
Stepping inside Julie's home, I see all my friends dressed in plaid shirts and overalls!  
 I wouldn't have thought they knew where to buy them! And they actually looked pretty cute.

But then- a bit of beauty appeared!
  A gorgeous bouquet of peonies, purple hydrangeas, and berries in a rusty  sap bucket! 
Divine, divine, divine.

It was placed on a rusty tartan throw-

                               Mason jars and pie tins were used for the place settings- very clever! Elegant silver chargers and vintage stemware were used to balance the country elements! 

Dinner was wonderful.  All the girls prepared a different recipe from our Romancing the Home Entertains Cookbook and we dined like country royalty!   Crab cakes, pimento cheese, asparagus and tarragon dipping sauce, deviled eggs, Gail's tuna dip, beef tenderloin with Henry Bain sauce, green beans with shrimp salad, macaroni and cheese, and on and on- it was an incredible feast. 

Squirrel in camo-  crowned with a rhinestone crown- guards the cake with a bow and arrow.

A huge cake embellished with pink overalls and a silver tiara was dessert! 
 Yummy almond filled vanilla cake with berry filling.
As the lucky guest of honor, I took the beautiful flowers home to enjoy for the week!

I had to photograph them in natural daylight to see their beautiful color.

The blooms on the peonies were 8 inches wide-

Lost in the center of this fabulous bloom.
The center detail of the peony.
Wouldn't this be a beautiful mural on the wall in my new home?
Thank you girls for a wonderful evening-one I will never forget! 


A Toile Tale said...

This seems like the perfect party! I love an elegant party, a down home party, a sentimental party and a sense of humor, and this one seems to have it ALL! How lovely of your friends, when I'm sure their hearts were breaking at the thought of your move. Thank you for sharing these precious memories.
Linda @ A Toile Tale

Christy said...

Hearts ARE breaking at the thought of your move but we all know we have to place to visit. As the saying goes, "Have faith in your friendships. Best friends never grow apart".

Nella Miller said...

What a sweet and kind gesture by your friends! I have been following along for some time now and know that North Carolina would be my first choice for a second home. Years ago we drive to Asheville and visited the Vanderbilt mansion and gardens on a business trip for my husband...I have never forgotten the living in Canada, the climate is right! I wish you every wonderful moment building your dream home in the mountains, and look forward to your blog posts...I have enjoyed every one! N.xo

Laurell Banner said...

It was a great evening. Everything turned out perfect. It was difficult being the party planners this time because we usually follow your lead.
However I think we were trained by the best.
Hope to have many more of these fabulous get togethers in your new beautiful home.

Anonymous said...

I have been a follower and admirer for quite some time but don't think I ever left a comment. Was sad to hear you were selling your gorgeous home but when I saw the plans for your new home in N Carolina I knew the best was yet to be! Look forward to tagging along as you build, landscape and decorate your dream home on the river! How fortunate for you to have such wonderful friends that took the time and planned such a fun party! And you were right, the flowers were definitely spectacular! Barbara P

Anonymous said...

I live in the Charlotte area and it is getting hard to find a native North Carolinian. My family has lived here since the 1700's. I think you will love living in the "Tarheel" state. We have it all, beautiful mountains and coast along with mild winters. Our summers are uncomfortable with high heat and humidity but the mountains are not as affected by this. We have so many transplants that I sometimes feel I live in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio or Michigan. I think you will find that most of the natives are not country bumpkins but well educated, cultured people. Don't let our southern accents fool you. Welcome to North Carolina! As a commercial that used to play said, "I like calling North Carolina home!"

Anonymous said...

Love your decor!!I moved from Waynesville NC when I was 12 to GA.I have family there and I still love to go home