Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sea Shell Artistry

In this day of "same old same old" shopping experiences, I am delighted when I find a shopping experience that gets me excited!  While shopping at Scott's Antique Market last week, I happened to find the most incredible sea shell artist. Her name is Mary and she travels to Scott's from Jacksonville, Florida only 2 times a year.  What  a lucky find for me!  I immediately called my friend who has a beautiful old home in Florida and sent her pictures on my phone. These little exquisite works of art were perfect for her home.

The first thing that caught my eye was this incredible large bust, completely covered with stunning shells.

Somehow she achieves an antique effect on the shells and they look as though they are truly antiques.
I love the color combinations of the baby blue and orange shells.

Much attention to detail with the intricate pattern of shells.

We could not resist this little monkey made into a candlestick.

 A dark wooden box - looks antique doesn't it?
A shell encrusted frame

For another room, I chose a lighter palette of shells- mother of pearl and baby blues.

The beautiful hand mirror with the charming porcelain cherub insert.
I cannot wait to see these in my friend's home.  One of a kind truly special pieces.
So much eye candy!


Betsy said...

I love the sea and all that comes from it, well to craft things with that is. What a great post, some ideas are brewing in my head as to what to do with some of the bags of shells and driftwood I have. Everything pictured here is just so beautiful.

Sarah said...

These are exquisite! I find shell art is a beautiful accent piece here and there. Growing up on the Gulf coast, I have a few small boxes covered in shells. I've seen large pieces of furniture embellished with shells that were amazing, but I always think about how difficult it must be to keep such pieces clean and dust free. ;-) Thank you for sharing these. Would you share the dealer's information?

Kim Morris said...

Beautiful! What is the contact info for the artist?

Kim Morris said...

Beautiful! What is the contact info for the artist?

Laurell Banner said...

Beautiful, Mother Nature at its finest.

sjr said...

Lucky you, I chanced upon Mary several years at Scotts but then she disappeared. Great to know she is still around, I only wish I had gone to Scott's this month! Do you happen to know what months she is there?

MT said...

Bless you dear one!!! Cannot wait to get my hands on these TREASURES! THANK YOU