Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sea Shell Decor

Nothing fascinates me more than the formation of a sea shell.  Their shapes and textures are glorious works of art and it is impossible for me to understand their exquisite creation- all done in nature! How does a simple little sea animal make such a stunning home!  There is nothing more beautiful or perfectly formed than a shell,  my favorite being the Nautilus shell.

This mother of pearl nautilus shell is the perfect container for this floral display on a charity event table.   Mother of pearl antique forks and a mother of pearl caviar spoon placed on a MOP plate are stunning works of nature.  I love the silky feel of MOP and the color is spellbinding and dreamy.

 My friend, Mariterese uses a lot of shells in her Florida home's décor.

Sea shells and roses in Jan Barboglio containers create a magical table.

 The old china pattern called Tobacco Road is placed on hot pink chargers creating a bright summer riot of color to whet the appetite.
Notice the rose petals scattered on top of the shells in the candlelabra.

On the sideboard, a giant clam shell is filled with orchids, ferns, and moss. 

A gilded hall table is the perfect contrast to the old wooden walls.  It is embellished with crystal candlelabra, Aiden Gray candlesticks and a silver tray filled with shells, coral and faux coral that is
studded with miniature rhinestones. 

A interesting mix of texture and shades of gray and white.

An antique gilded cabinet in a guest room is filled with large specimen shells  and is so pretty.

In the kitchen, a wall grouping of vintage sea life plates hang on the ship lap walls.

And while these are not shell displays, the color is so beautiful that I want to share them.
Preserved roses in a mercury glass vase set the tone for the shot of color on the large kitchen island.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are stored in oversized white Jan Barboglio platters,
ready to be plucked and used in daily cooking.

A pretty tower of implements for sweet tea stand ready for use!
Sweet or unsweet please?

Love the pattern on these sweet little bouillon bowls. 
It is the gathering and placing of these beautiful objects that gives us "hunters and gatherers" so much pleasure in our homes.  Here's to the HUNT! 
 May we all continue to find and gather treasures through out our  life!


Christy said...

Gorgeous arrangements...I love the tea display. Her tables are always so fascinating and different and colorful!!

Laurell Banner said...

So much you can do with sea shells. Mother Nature truly is amazing.
Mariterese has done a a fabulous job incorporating them in her lovely home.
Loved every picture.

Katha said...

Viewing those beautiful pictures felt like a walk down memory lane! Reminded me so of a day at the shop or a day shopping! Loved it all and really love those drapes next to the gilded cabinet in that bedroom! So very pretty!

New York Roofing Contractor said...

I thoroughly loved the sea shell job done by you to decor home. You are magnificent with sea shells. Truly an insightful post for an inspiration.