Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Avignon, France

Before leaving Avignon, I want to share with you a few more spots in that beautiful town. 
After driving through the countryside all day and finally navigating our big car back to the hotel through the narrow streets, we usually ate at a restaurant within walking distance of our hotel, La Mirande.  Right below the hotel, there was the cutest restaurant called Chez LuLu.

On the evening we were having dinner, a couple from New York was on one side of us and a couple from California on the other. They were both back for the second night just to have the HAMBURGER!  They said it was the best hamburger that they had ever had in their life!  We however opted for more traditional French food.  The salmon tartar was divine and I loved the addition of the peas to the mixture. 

But it was the strawberry tiramisu that was the highlight of the evening meal-

They use goose berries to garnish a lot of desserts and I love the little cookie detail.
Gorgeous architecture is everywhere you look in Avignon.


Charming restaurants abound  on the streets surrounding the main square.

Just look at how adorable this one is----------------------------------

If you are a foodie, you are in the right place-

View of the Rhone River from the gardens above the Pope's Palace

Vineyards for the Pope's Palace

Avignon is breathtaking- the weather was perfect and the rose bushes  were massive and  in full bloom!



Katha said...

Breathtaking! Every single picture, just absolutely breathtaking! So glad for you and Mr. RTH that you were able to experience such beauty together!

Julie Andrea said...

These photos are so inspirational Susan. I'm going to clip in my hair extensions and try to create a chignon. Next, I'll sit down and enjoy my merinque with the delicious strawberries we bought. Only thing missing is a bottle of French wine.

Laurell Banner said...

How absolutely beautiful on one hand and so quaint on the other. The resturants are just like I would have pictured it. So French.
Loved the old architecture in that beautiful city. And the scenery from the popes palace heavenly.
Thanks for the tour.

MT said...

Susan amazing!!! Sounds like it was the trip of a lifetime! Food looks gorgeous but I must say I think I would be back for another burger as well! And the roses oh so beautiful!

The enchanted home said...

What a stunning post! I so miss being there....we were there about 3 years ago and I truly fell in love, could have happily spent a month there. A true visual feast for every one of the senses!

Christy said...

You take divine pictures! The food looks so so good! Nothing like a pretty little French restaurant.

Botanic Bleu said...

More delightful photos of beautiful Avignon, the river, restaurants, roses, Papal Palace grounds, etc... Loved seeing the chalkboard menu which is so typical of French restaurants everywhere.

No mention of the bridge remains over the river....were you aware of the French children's song about the bridge?