Sunday, January 22, 2017

Move In Day- Three Weeks to Go!

The stone work on the front of the house is slowly getting done.  This intricate form of laying the stone to look like it was found in the adjoining fields only allows for a couple of rows to be applied every day.   Now the mason has reached the critical point of forming the arches over the doors and windows. 
 A plumb line keeps the stones in a straight pattern,
even though they appear to be placed randomly.

 The texture of this Doggett Mountain stone is the perfect rough look for our mountain home.

A frame has been temporarily built around the door to lay the stone in an arched pattern.

 Hand forged iron lanterns from Designs by Bree match the bronze down pipes and gutters perfectly.

 The two screened in porches are getting their wood ceiling treatments.

The new door hardware from Rocky Mountain Hardware is being installed on the interior doors.

 This hardware is a hand cast bronze and the style is from the Paris Collection. They are a living finish and will continue to patina with age.  The finish is called Bronze Light.

The hardware for the powder room door is made by Martin Pierce.
My husband chose this particular handle and completely surprised me! 

Lower level bedrooms have been finished with a distressed wood ceiling.

 The dining hall now has two large crystal chandeliers from Restoration Hardware hanging between the reclaimed beams.   Ultimately, they will be lowered another 6 feet to sit 36 inches above the
rustic farm table. 

And now for some fun touches!   Our architect, Al Platt, is standing in the elevator car and checking out the fabric book panels.   Our finish carpenter is going to panel the elevator car with these fabric panels and add baseboard and crown molding to the elevator walls.  The fabric is a pile fabric that will not mar when luggage and people rest against it! I can't wait to see it finished!   
I purchased it online from the following source.

This coming week, countertops and sinks get installed, followed by appliances.
The driveway gets its pavers and the yard begins to be landscaped.  Can't wait to go back next week-

And just as we were leaving the property yesterday  on a rainy Saturday afternoon, one of my
favorite neighbors showed up!  Another flock of turkeys!!!!!!
I'm going to love living out here-


Anonymous said...

So excited for you and can't wait to visit.

-L said...

What a fun design feature in your elevator. Very clever.

Ian's Girl said...

Everything is beyond perfect!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful work of art. Your home is going to be beautiful. The doorknob is righteous, the elevator a delightful surprise and the neighbors, well they are priceless.

Marsha Splenderosa said...

AWESOME X10!!!!!
And, the turkeys = awesome too.
sending love...