Sunday, January 8, 2017

Only Six Weeks to Go- to MOVE IN DAY!

The house building site is like a big bee hive right now.  Contractors on top of contractors, buzz saws, hammers, and just general chatter of how are we going to get this done.  I must say that this project has gone pretty smooth. However, as we near completion, a few  incorrect details seem to be popping up! 

Correct bath tub style- but not with the air system!  Has to go back!

The master shower system was to be fabricated in two finishes- pewter and polished nickel- to blend with both sides of our his and her bath.  Jay's is pewter, mine is polished nickel.  As you can see, the temperature controls are polished nickel and the frame is pewter. 

However, the shower head, also planned to be polished nickel, is in fact - pewter!  Ughhhhhhh!

The shutters for the stucco sections of the house arrived Friday.  We are not happy with the
short straps - they seem not properly scaled.

This one looks wider than the window- but its an optical illusion.  Are the short straps causing it?
Got to get this figured out- time to consult our architect!

The Montana snow fencing is starting to be installed around the lower level of the stairwell.  But the
materials were found to be bowed and dis-colored. We are waiting for another shipment- may be here by the end of the week.

 On the brighter side of things, Chad and Brian continue to do amazing work.  The distressed ceiling
is laid in the master bedroom in perfect formation.

The stone work on the fireplace, has been expertly laid by Eric and the fireplace
is almost complete.  I love the large stone above the opening- another stone
hauled over to our site from our project manager's property in Yancey County.  God bless him!

The stonework on the center of the house is almost complete.  We just need a few warmer days to
finish it.  Meanwhile,  the front yard is starting to get excavated and drainage pipes laid.

The ceilings of the outdoor decks are beginning to get their finishing details
with the v-groove paneled ceiling being started. 

 And just in time to soothe my ruffled feathers from all the on-site issues, a box arrives from Ebay.
A pair of 1920's door handles made of cut crystal and art deco stamped brass make me smile.
These little beauties will be perfect on the barn doors on the lower level.  Can't wait to see them up!

I am so happy that these were found and saved.   I can only imagine their original home- maybe in a grand hotel in  the 1920's.   And now on to their new home in the mountains of North Carolina!


Vickie Orlando said...

Wow! The house is absolutely going to be fabulous. The ceiling are magical. I would love to purchase some door handles that are similar to yours....may i inquire which vendor on. eBay has such great hardware? Happy New Year....Vickie

Laurell Banner said...

It is getting there. You and Jay may have to bathe in the river for awhile until you get your faucet situation handeled.
You are right about the shutters. I think if you made the hinges bigger it would make the shutter look bigger.
Don't know about that one.
You must be getting so excited. Can't wait to see finished project.
All the best.

Debbie said...

Reading of your mishaps brings back all the bad memories of building a house. Especially long distance. But Joy does come in the morning!!! That will all soon be forgotten, I promise. And finding those door handles should overjoy the "accidents". And, the fireplaces are by far the prettiest I've seen. Those big stones just make them special and out of the ordinary. It's looking so beautiful and can't wait to see the next progress report. By the way, I thought we would never hear from you again!!!! Been waiting anxiously for this update. :)

Christy said...

The crystal door handles are magnificent. Wow!!! If you need help in 6 weeks moving in I can fly down I have miles. Love to unpack!!!

Ingrid Lauenstein said...

Love the door handles! can't wait to see them on the doors. Hang in there, when it's all said and done it will be like childbirth, the pain will be quickly forgotten and replaced by the sheer joy of your Mountain Bundle of Joy!!