Monday, October 30, 2017

Food Market in Rome

One of the most fun places to visit while visiting Rome was the food market. 
I wish I could have transported the food back to North Carolina.

 fresh pasta - everywhere you turned. 

 Look at the glorious color of those tomatoes. 

 The variety of mushrooms was amazing.

 Every cut of meat that one could imagine.

 Salt cod.
 Bison carpaccio

A delightful man carving any type of prosciutto that your heart desires.  

 Coda di Aragosta- or lobster tail with Chantilly cream.   Crispy and light with a sinful cream filling.
My absolute favorite new treat.  Where can I find them here?  I am on a mission.
And finally- the most perfect fig tart that I have ever seen. From the Colina Bakery in Positano.
                                                                Sheer perfection. 


Christy said...

I have never seen a fig tart like that....amazing. Hope you find the Lobster Tail/Chantilly cream.....I can't even imagine what that must taste like. That was a gorgeous food market...I would be so tempted to try all the pastas.

DownButNotOutYet said...

Everything looks wonderful, I had my eye on those red peppers, and the tea time treats and I have to add the array of food is magnificent, all the produce looks so fresh and great tasting, a priviledge to be able to eat from those tables, and the colours just ooze of well grown produce. I am sure you had a good time in Italy - I am inspired to take good care of my veggie patch and aid to grow good food eventhough it will be on a much smaller scale. Thanks for sharing...

Laurell Banner said...

It looks like everything is in season. Love those open markets.
Hope you find those lobster tails before the next time we come.

Katha said...

YUM! Everything is so beautifully presented! Would love to take a bite of that fig tart!