Monday, May 18, 2009

Christy's Point of View

Saturday seems to be Blogging Day at the Store. This past Saturday, Christy ( who likes to be called Christine) comes in to share some of her favorite blogs with us- especially Velvet and Linen . After many hours of reading blogs, she says she enjoys the interior design stories more than the stories about gardening. So on Sunday afternoon, I'm thinking about why Christy doesn't like the flower stories, while my husband and I are out in the garden. We are putting in our herb garden, working on the perennial beds, and fertilizing the rose garden. I find a wild patch of Lily of the Valley, that has decided to call our yard home. I just couldn't resist it - so I cut some for a small bouquet. I love the delicate texture of the lily of the Valley against the old French watering can. I could see this composition inside on my kitchen island to celebrate spring.
The lilacs has just come into bloom too - so again , I cut some! Maybe I'll write about this tomorrow. I wonder if Christy will like it!

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog! And I am intriqued by your store,"Romancing The Home". Your passion and love of antiques and flea markets makes me want to visit your store and buy, buy, buy. I loved the story about gardening on Sunday with your husband.
Christy M.