Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jewelry for my Stove

I love my stove so much that I decided to give it some "jewelry".
Rather than keeping ugly bottles on the stove, I put oils and spices in old antique vessels. I keep my olive oil in a pewter and glass decanter. A beautiful old silver one, that my girls from the store gave me for Christmas, houses tangerine olive oil. Alder Smoked Sea Salt is kept handy in an old sherbet dessert glass, along with a nut shaped spoon with a twig handle. Sea Salt is in a cut glass sugar jar, and I keep my Sweet and Low hidden in the beautiful old silver container, probably once used for real sugar. My friend Marlene, just gave me a new one to add to my collection. Fine old silver threads are intricately woven around a glass bottle. I'll have to find some tasty new olive oil to fill it!

Daily life with these little charming vessels, takes the chore out of cooking everyday meals.

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Laura said...

Great idea! You really have a lovely and interesting blog!