Monday, May 25, 2009

Inspiration in French Home Decor Magazines

Craving the romantic feeling of French interiors, I often buy French Interior design magazines, even though I can hardly understand a word in them. I just love the pictures, and have often been able to go online and find some of the sources listed in their pages. In a recent issue of Campagne De'coration, I found these lovely pictures of inspirational rooms. The beautiful table
setting - which I'm sure is for an ordinary meal - make me want to try to duplicate it.. The stone wall, iron windows and crisp white linens contrast so much with each other - I really -really- really --- want to sit at that table. And I love the simple green leaves in the vase with the lady figurines.

The French really understand the concept of living beautifully everyday! I scanned these pictures into my computer, so the quality is not nearly as beautiful as the Magazine. But you get the feeling that I'm talking about!


Dana said...

I totally agree with your comment that it is trualy an inspiring experience.

French people really do understand the concept of living beautifully everyday!

Aimee said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of beautiful French home decor. I am in love with French interiors.