Thursday, July 23, 2009

A few Words about Gift Wrapping

Sometimes what is on the outside is better than what is inside! This statement can certainly hold true at flea markets, but it is gift wrap that can be the most deceiving- I love the art of wrapping a gift. Our customers are delighted when a beautiful ribbon and or a handmade gift tag is given to them for their gift purchase. But it is when I have time to develop a theme gift wrap that it is the most rewarding. With the craze in monograms, slogans painted on walls, words printed on fabrics, I decided to use a word theme to wrap my girlfriend's birthday gifts. Scanning some old prints into my computer, I printed them on vellum and used them for wrapping paper. Vintage buttons, flowers and rhinestones embellished the text.

My friend and I seem to always be on the same trend even though we live 900 miles apart.
As we sat down to open gifts, my were also wrapped in black and white architectural paper with word embellishments. How likely was that!

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