Saturday, July 25, 2009

Outdoor Spaces

Since finishing my home's renovation, my husband and I have been slowly re-working our outside spaces. In addition to planting new flower beds, we have added stone terraces. It has been a very cool summer with lots of rain, so the flowers are very happy!
To hide our new air conditioning units, Mr. RTH built planters in front of white lattice. I added the antique garden chairs and table and the old urns. I can't wait for the clematis vines to fill the space. The clematis on the other side of the house are going crazy this year - it just love the deep purple color of the one by the stone table.
Stones were bought in to edge the new flower beds, and to create walk ways on all sides of the old home.On the back of the house, I just added a stone table by my cherub fountain. Hopefully I can soon find chairs that will look great with it. If you click on each picture, you can see the details on the stonework and old garden statuary. I love it when the moss starts to grow in the cracks!

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