Monday, July 27, 2009

Little Collected Trinkets Finally get a Purpose

Since I have been going to flea markets most of my adult life, I have accumulated quite a collection of old trims, flowers, jewelry, buttons and just interesting trinkets. It's Sunday morning and I am in the mood to do something creative - my husband is fishing, the kids are gone, the classical music is on and the screen doors are open to let in the summer breezes. I spread out the treasures and organize them by color and plug in the glue gun! Using old collars as the base, I assemble the pieces into little collected works of art. They look beautiful on a pillow, pinned to a lampshade, or just around the lovely statuesque lady.

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Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

I love this!!...I may have to try and make a pillow for myself.
I can tell you are going to be very inspirational!!
I added you to my fav list so I can keep up with all your inspiring ideas!