Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pretty Food Presentations from our new book!

Presenting even the most simple food, such as the humble deviled egg, in a beautiful way elevates the dining experience to a higher level. These are some of my favorite pictures from our book "Romancing the Home Entertains". I love the roasted beet salad- roasted beets are sliced and then cut into shapes using a canape cutter and then skewered together with a green rhinestone florist pink. A little shot glass holds green goddess dressing for dipping.And I love the fresh chive blossom on the shot of dressing! Instead of slicing an egg into halves the long way, slice it across the middle and serve in an antique egg cup. Fresh nasturtiums and a little rhinestone alligator add to the beauty of the simple deviled egg plate. The beautiful nautilus shell - is a perfect vessel for berries or flowers. And finally, a simple strawberry tartare is glorious on Love Disarmed Ice Cream spoons and gracefully shares the limelight with a perfect rose. Please be sure to visit for more beautiful food.

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