Monday, April 30, 2012

Dolphin Chocolate Bars- Perfectly Marie!

It is the last night before we start setting up the Spirit of 67 Home Tour and I am a little crazy- well maybe a lot crazy!  Can't decide on the table settings, but I am in love with the  Dolphin candy bars, embellished with the doilies and rhinestones- just too beautiful to eat and that's a good thing with all the calories! They remind of Marie Antoinette's lavish costumes.   I am trying to set up a French bleu and mirrored place setting  - love it- but not sure if it works with our overall color theme.  Candy, our stylist,  will come over in the morning and try to rein me in- get me focused- cool my thoughts- but I am just a "creating fool" right now. Help me! Meanwhile, I love that soft bleu rhinestone tassel on the silver box lunch vessel filled with Salade aux Ouefs sur Brioche, Ananas Fromage Creme Abricots Farcis, Salade Verte, and Chocolat Macarons.  Call the store for more info on purchasing tickets for this home tour!

1 comment:

savvycityfarmer said...

this is beyond words!

yet I want to rip open that chocolat wrapper ...

Your tour will be a show stopper, I'm SURE