Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chicago Botanic Garden and Antique Show

Yesterday was an inspiring day.  Jill and her sister, Nancy, and I had breakfast, then headed for the annual Chicago Botanic Garden Antique Show.  It was a delight to wander through the show and just look at carefully edited displays of antiques for the home.  Some of the most beautiful urns were assembled for the show and filled with gorgeous flowers.  One of my favorite booths was a store called Leftovers, located between Austin and Houston in a small town called Brennan.  The first four pictures show the unique home accessories that they were selling. I'll have to send my friend Mariterese to check out their 10,000 sq. foot store!  There was lots of silver to contrast the crusty old garden elements- love the white roses in the silver samovar.  Picture number 6 was a clever way to create a gazebo effect in your yard without actually building one.  Notice the trellis backed stools placed around the table, creating this romantic setting by Craig Bergmann. (Gosh I miss his wonderful store.)  As you entered one of the tents, there was a romantic communal style table of white china, silver, boxwood and grass covered benches- to die for gorgeous!  Kimball and Bean"s booth was a delight for the eyes with the Venetian statues guarding the entrance of their dramatic black and white display.  but my favorite booth was the last 2 pictures - the over scaled crusty urn of flowers on the antique pine table in front of the huge zinc pier mirror.  It was simple, edited  with only the best elements and stunning!   What a fun day- we came away inspired and ready to create our own little versions of the displays!

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Katha said...

It all looks so beautiful! I love the turquoise trellis chairs. In fact that whole setting is right up my alley since I die for turquoise these days. Sure glad you all had a great day!