Thursday, April 12, 2012

Linens for Romantic Everyday Life

We have just received many new table linens that are meant to be used and enjoyed everyday. That means- no ironing- just wonderful linen that is meant to be wrinkled and used! So use them for everyday dining, throw them in the wash, dry and then use again and again! I must say that my very favorite is the new table linen collection from Bella Notte- especially the whispery muslin with the large ruffle edge. The first picture shows the fabulous hand towel- so romantic and pretty for everyday use! The white ruffled linen napkins with the velvet band are from Pom Pom and are charming. To launder, simply wash and then slightly dry. Remove from dryer and lay on counter and press out wrinkles and fold. The red and tan napkins are less expensive, but have a great look. Again, just damp dry and push out the wrinkles with your hands. The bronze monogrammed towels are available with all initials and are made from vintage French linens. They are exquisite and perfect to use as napkins, bar towels or hand towels in a powder room. Finally, the "Bon Appetit" linens napkins are perfect for everyday dining- whimsical and very soft and also launder beautifully. So say good bye to paper napkins forever and enjoy these everyday delights! They add a little romance to that Kraft macaroni and cheese dinner!!!!


Amber said...

Your beautiful blog is so inspiring! I love it!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Love those linens... especially the monogramed ones! I like your advice about pushing the wrinkles out with your hand!