Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ashville, North Carolina- A Foody Town

Continuing on from Greenville, South Carolina, we spent the next few nights in Ashville, North Carolina.  Not as well planned and manicured as Greenville, the town was not what I expected.  From an outsiders point of view, it seemed fragmented, fun, a bit hipster and then there was the food scene- oh my.  I will definitely need to go back to Ashville to understand it's layout and many offerings! It is in the perfect location for us- lots of flying fishing for Mr. RTH and lot's of antiquing and foodie things for me! So it's definitely on our short list for retirement possibilities!  One of the highlights of our stay in Ashville was the Grand Bohemian Hotel!  A mixture of "the hunter meets the aristocrat" décor, it was a delightful place to stay!

When you arrive, you drive through a drapery opening into a motor court that's decorated with deer heads; chandeliers  and has loud classical music piped in to fill the air!

The outside of the building was beautiful too- with the orange berries growing on the walls.

You enter into stone walls illuminated with chandeliers and artwork.

The lobby is furnished in a mixture of velvet damasks, and leather with wood and stone.


Beautiful ceiling details!


 Orange velvet drapery leading into the powder room. Notice all the antlers hanging from the ceiling!


Twig chandeliers in the dining room.

Comfy velvet and suede  banquets for dining!

The dining  room ceiling was backlit in red.
As Ashville is quite the foody town, there were many top rated restaurants to choose from! However, being  somewhat  tired the first evening, we chose to dine at the Grand Bohemian's Red Stag Grill! That was one of the best meals on our entire trip! The chef is amazing and sources local ingredients for the restaurant's  meal.  We started with a charcuterie platter that was the perfect size for the 4 of us!  It had a silky chicken liver pate smeared on a slate tile with then bread crisps tucked into the mousse. Cured meats and a delicious local creamy brie were on the platter as well!  But the real star was the mustard that was served with the appetizer, a locally made mustard called Lusty Monk Mustard. It was awesome and the restaurant was able to sell us 2 jars to take home!

The meal at the Grand Bohemian was a real treat- comfortable seating, great ambiance and delicious food.  We highly recommend it when in Ashville!

Breakfast was divine too- especially the bacon pancakes!  Applewood bacon tucked  in orange scented pancakes- how wonderful they were!
Another highlight of our stay in Ashville was the farmer's market.  It was huge- large buildings full of locally made jellies, jams and  pickles, cheeses, cured meats, honey and baked goods. Plus the largest package of pure Amish butter that I have ever seen!  Wish I could have gotten that home!

All kinds of gourds and pumpkins were for sale outside!

 I will have to go back to explore this city a little more!  I have a feeling there's a lot more to this city besides the Biltmore!   But after a couple of nights, we are off the Blackberry Farm for the final segment of our trip!  That's one great thing about Ashville- you can easily drive to a lot of great places from it's location!


Katha said...

The Ashville area and the Grand Bohemian both look awesome. I'd take a road trip there for sure!

MT said...

I'll drive Katha!

Christy said...

Fantastic twig chandeliers! You always find the best restaurants. Still like Greenville a little bit more...,

Dianne said...

Our family frequents Asheville regularly. So charming especially in Fall and Winter.

Melinda Hartzog said...

Love the Red Stag Grill...we celebrated my sister's 50th here. Your pictures should be in their brochure...beautiful!

Laurell Banner said...

The Grand Bohemian Hotel looks so unusual and beautiful.
I love the Bohemian style. Looks like a wonderful place to honker down in. A little southern slang to get in the mood for that great looking dinner at the Red Stag Grill.