Monday, October 14, 2013

Back to Blackberry Farm

We finished our three city road trip with the last nights at Blackberry Farm.  My last visit was in May of last year, so it was interesting to see the changes on the farm during the fall season.  For sure the flyfishing was better- fish seemed to be bigger and tougher to catch!

While the guys fly fished, Jill and I just enjoyed the land. Truly preserved as a natural farm, no fancy gardens  or manicured plant beds are found here.  Blackberry Farm is a contradiction of some sort- gardens that look like the one's your grandmother tended, growing vegetables to feed the family and then canning or preserving some for the winter. But then you show up for dinner in "the Barn" and are served the most sophisticated meal of your life- hands down! 

Shabby and sweet  little gardener's barn where the vegetable gardens are tended!
 vegetable and flower gardens

micro lettuces being grown for the restaurants

 Gorgeous barn where dinner is served.

Entrance foyer to the Barn.

Cocktail area and where cooking classes are taught by the Blackberry chefs.

Love these sconces on the old tall doors - used as wall panels in the room.

Jill and I took an awesome cooking class from Chef Sully - here he is making a gnocchi from
 Pate a Choux dough in home made chicken stock!  After making the gnocchi, he used the remainder of the dough to make gougeres. 

Plating our salads of baby kale, orange segments, radishes, and toasted walnuts.

Love this idea on the patio of the main house where lunch and breakfast are served.

All of the arrangements at Blackberry are naturally found on the property.


Private home sites are now being made available for purchase at Blackberry Farm.
I am loving the garage doors on these new homes- they open out just like a real door!
Mr. RTH picking out flies for the day of fishing.

The Italian Truffle dogs that Blackberry breeds and sells.

 Tom the dad- getting ready to retire soon!
Turkeys on the farm

Sheep on the farm

black pigs on the farm

A chilled melon soup for lunch at the Main House- had a little kick to it!

 BLT salad with caramelized Benton's bacon

A charcuterie platter with the meats, jams, pickles  and cheeses that are made on the farm.

Just so pretty in the Smokies!
 And so hard to leave Blackberry Farm! 


Christy said...

I can totally see why you love it! I'm going to register (in the back of my mind) the idea of a table built around a tree.....really charming. The garage doors are wonderful...I actually love that whole house. Saving that picture! The dogs were adorable. My Mom made the best homemade gnocchi from scratch....but the way the chef made it looks so so good!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!!

Divine Theatre said...

This took my breath away! It's not too far from here, either! I saw that they have a brewery! My husband would love that and I would love everything else!
Thanks for taking us along!



Laurell Banner said...

Such a beautiful place. It is the perfect area for you and and the Jayster to retire.
I can see you cooking and creating all day while Jay is fly fishing and tending to the animals.
Love it.

Emily said...

This place is on my bucket list! So beautiful! Never get tired of images from this farm! Enjoy!

MT said...

Totally on my list of places to visit! Looks wonderful!