Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Greenville, South Carolina - "Simply Sophisticated Southern Style"

I am just returning from a trip to the Carolinas and Tennessee. The purpose of the trip was to explore other parts of the country as possible retirement options.  My friends, Jill and Barry have purchased property near Greenville, South Carolina, so we began our trip there. What a wonderful small town- I was completely blown away and did not expect such a sophisticated town. I have never seen as many upscale restaurants on any main street in the country!  And I must add that the town was named appropriately- Greenville- as the town streets are lined with trees!

Reedy River Park at night in center of town!

Tree lined streets are so pretty!

Wide sidewalks on each side of Main Street


Watermelon salad at Devereaux's - wonderful old factory building turned into an upscale eatery.

Live music playing

Dessert bar at Roost for a special event in town

Looking from Roost restaurant into the Hyatt Lobby


Cheesecake on the dessert bar.

Shrimp and Grits appetizer- so yummy from one of the chefs at the Cliff's properties- where Jill and Barry own land!  Grits with sharp pimento cheese added and grilled shrimp on top. It was simply  divine!
And with  all this city life going on in Greenville, drive five minutes out of the center of town and country life is upon you!

So the first morning, we drove to Travelers Rest, about 20 minutes from Greenville. Jill and Barry have purchased property in the beautiful golf community and are in the process of designing a home. 

 View from a cedar pavilion - a place where Cliff's property owners can have private parties

So beautiful and serene! Can you believe this is only 20 minutes from town!
We walked some trails and found nature at it's best!

We think this is some type of running cedar- anybody know? It is throughout the forest near Jill and Barry's property.
And there's lots of critters too! 
Wild turkey march across the grass in front of the car.

And I am checking out this pretty green scrub and bend down to snap a close-up and look what greets me!  Backing up very slowly,  and not screaming - heart beating fast- I am thankful for telephoto lenses!

Deer is peeping out from the greenery-
Gary Player is peeping at his kind of greenery!
Today is the opening of the Mountain Park golf course that he designed for this private community! A special breakfast is taking place on the new green. He is very personable and very funny to listen to.  He gave a golf clinic as a large crowd gathered around him!  It was quite entertaining!
View in the Cliff's community

The forest is filled with lichen and mosses- so pretty!

Bridge to the bottom of Jill and Barry's property.
 Sweet little stone spring house on the edge of property- Jill has plans for it!

Jill and Barry's lots waiting to be cleared-

Land just waiting to be cleared and a house built!


We love listening to the creek on the property too!
After checking out the Cliff's where Jill and Barry are going to build, we went to check out another new endeavor in the Greenville area- Hotel Domestique , a boutique hotel, spa and restaurant complete with vineyards.
Beautiful views from the terrace.
Ghost chairs with French bistro tables- love it!

Uniquely designed lobby

 Lovely florals for the evening tables


Love the detail on the back of the sofa

Entrance with stone light boxes as lighting.

Guest Bedrooms

                                                                                The bar

                       Love this color combination in  the bedrooms!
                   Graphite walls and orange draperies with iron beds. 

The Greenville  area has everything to offer!  It's location is less than 4 hours from the coastline, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Ashville.  It is an outdoors  paradise- biking, fishing, golfing, hunting,  hiking,  boating and  gardening. It is surrounded by the Blue Ridge mountains. Plus it has this  very sophisticated food culture!  The downtown is immaculate and lined with trees,  and any big box retailer that you would want is just minutes away in the outskirts of town- even a Costco!  That's simply amazing for a population of only 61,000.
I can see why it's a destination for retirees!  Greenville is "Simply sophisticated southern style"!


Katha said...

Awesome! So, so beautiful- except for that snake! Yikes! Can't imagine anyone not being happy in that location.

Scott Thackston said...

What a wonderful article and accurate portrait of Greenville. But "little town" is off in your description; the County of Greenville is close to 1/2 a million population it's just the city limits are very small area wise. Being an international business hub with strong community and government cooperation lends to our quality of life in this Southern paradise.

Laurell Banner said...

I am there, looks fabulous. Except for the snakes.
I think Jill and Barry have found paradise.

Christy said...

Wow! I love Greenville....maybe we should all retire there. I can totally see why you are building there, Jill. Promise to invite me. That bedroom with the graphite walls and orange drapes are calling me! Fell in love with it. BUT that snake...oh boy! So scary.

The French Maid said...

What a surprise to check in on one of my favorite blogs this evening only to find a feature on my own town! So glad you enjoyed your visit...we are so proud of our lovely city! I believe we are one of the best kept secrets in the country for best places to live!

The French Maid said...

What a surprise to check in on one of my favorite blogs this evening only to find a feature on my own town! So glad you enjoyed your visit...we are so proud of our lovely city! I believe we are one of the best kept secrets in the country for best places to live!

Chris said...

Hi Susan, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris