Thursday, March 20, 2014

Floral Easter Egg - a Little Work of Art

We are so sick of snow around here- simply desperate for color- any color but gray!  I needed  a gift for a friend and couldn't decide what to buy.  So I thought- "what would I want?" !  I adore flowers, especially this time of year, and so would my friend !   So I walked up to our local florist in town, Twigs,  and ordered flowers yesterday!  I just went to pick them up and they are just divine!  Look at these glorious little works of floral art!

First of all- as soon as I got them home- I HAD TO UNWRAP THESE DELICIOUS LITTLE GLIMMERS OF SPRING-  yes I realize they were for another person.  But I was going to enjoy them for the next few hours anyway!

Tucked inside the shiny cellophane wrapping was a floral Easter egg!

Arranged in an iron mesh egg shaped container, were unusual  specimens of ranunculus and tulips tucked into blue hydrangeas.

Simply exquisite work!

It's time to wrap them back up for my friend!  But I know what I am ordering for my Easter table!
Save me one of those eggs Twigs!
If you are local,  be sure to check out Twigs in Lake Bluff.  You are in for a treat- European style in the good ole' USA!


Sarah said...

Who wouldn't want a gift like this? The egg filled with flowers is exquisite. Happy Spring!

Christy said...

Just gorgeous! And those colors really get you in the mood for spring!

Katha said...

Truly a work of art! Another masterpiece by a very talented person.

MT said...


Laurell Banner said...

Just beautiful. It would be awesome if she could do smaller ones for table favors. Where can we get those eggs? Just love them. Jeanie is amazing. Lucky Julie. We all had such a great time at her chilie party.