Sunday, July 5, 2015

Nashville Wedding at the Hermitage

Last weekend , the wedding of the daughter of one of my dearest friends was held in Nashville.  It seems like yesterday that we were talking about what Santa was going to bring for Christmas, and now we are talking about what the wedding flowers and food will be for the wedding.  Where did time go?

But a glorious wedding it was!  First of all. the architecture of the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville is
beautiful and a true architectural treasure.

Beautiful ceiling details

 The hotel's lobby where cocktails were served
Guests signed a globe as they entered the hotel lobby for the wedding.
The ceremony-  The father of the bride and the beautiful bride- Erin

The entrance to the dinner - scattered with rose petals and white votives

Gorgeous arrangements of blush roses and white hydrangeas filled the room.

While a bag pipe was played to greet the guests.

 The bridal party sat at the communal table in the center of the room.

Erin and Lynda pose for a photo for me.

Best wishes to the happy bride and groom for a wonderful life together.
Erin- you are a gorgeous bride!  


Sarah said...

Beautiful bride and a fabulous venue for a wedding. The Hermitage is an jewel of a hotel.
Love the bagpiper! Going to add him to my Tartan Love board. '-)

Laurell Banner said...

Very beautiful bride...however I knew she would be. The venue looks amazing.
I like the idea of the the bridal table in the middle of the room.
Good job Marlene. Flowers are stunning also.