Sunday, May 1, 2016

Building on the Side of a Mountain

Our new home is finally starting to take the shape of a house!  Wednesday afternoon, we drove out to the property to check on the progress. Building on the side of a steep mountain has it's challenges.  Before our eyes, a large crane was moving large steel beams over the top of the house  into place to support the decks and sleeping porches on the back of the home.  What an operation!

As we drove up the hill, a large crane appeared in the sky.

The large crane was jacked up on wood blocks to get the needed angle
 to lower the beams over the back of the house.

Steel beams for the two decks
Workers on tall ladders steady the beams and bolt them into place.

Construction finally started on the French roof on Thursday!

The tallest point on the roof, over the soon- to- be front door!
This week was spent looking at stucco samples and stone samples.  We have found a local wood maker in Waynesville  to create this rustic door for our entry.
It will be built from reclaimed timbers.  Being so rustic in feel, we found a stone that is
harvested from a local mountain, called Doggett Mountain stone. 
It is very rustic  and we like it's color.
  I like the idea of using a local stone that is harvested only a few miles from our house.

The builder is in the process of getting all the exterior materials samples
 together so we can see how they blend. 
It was a very exciting week!  So glad we are down here to watch it being built!


HawkValleyRetreat said...

We are excited to be able to watch your dream come alive via your exciting!

Jill said...

It is all so exciting!-- the support system for the porches etc is unbelievable, the roof line is awesome, and I love the door and the stone you have selected --- it is really going to be such a wonderful experience if every week is so rewarding!!!

Jill said...

All of this is so exciting! The support structures for the porches is unbelievable!-- the roof is awesome and the door and stone selection are so beautiful!-- seeing this much every week is really going to make this journey so memorable!-- I'm so glad you and Jay are getting to experience it all!!

Laura said...

It all sounds lovely , and you have nestled your new home in a beautiful spot.

Christy said...

Love the front door! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

And all stress free!!!! At least, you are making it seem so. I hope it all goes well.

Christy said...

Is that the conservatory on the left? Wow! You must be thrilled to be able to see the progress in person. Exciting times.

Sarah said...

This is all very exciting! I'm glad you are sharing this process. It's awesome to see how a home is built, especially one like yours on the side of a mountain. Engineering is incredible. This is going to be a gorgeous home. I can't wait to see more.

Ron said...

WOW! I cannot wait to keep up with the progress. I love using native products.